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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
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Cindy Carol Brown ( )
What a wonderful, fine site you have here!! Just fabulous, darling!! Ah,as soon as I can put by a few extra dollars, I`m purchasing `Arnold the Snoring Pig.` Anyvone vant zome hots cakes?

Wow. I created a Green Acres quiz on Sporcle and thought people who come here might enjoy it. The site wouldn`t post the URL and gave me a nasty message `Thanks for TRYING to SPAM my guestbook....` Geeze. I`ve posted here for over a year. Anyway I posted a quiz on Sporcle where you try to guess the names of all the recurring characters on Green Acres. If you just go there and search for `Green Acres` you`ll find it. Have fun. Ed

Oh, wow. I just discovered your website last week and I`m hooked on it. Green Acres is my newly found obsession :) Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert are so cute. Thankyou for letting me know more about Green Acres. ^-^

Louis Toumbas ( / )
Heaven is greener with the cast of Green Acres

Jaden Frigo
Daniel, I want the 4-6 seasons to. MGM should release the seasons. If they do I`ll be the first buyer!

Daniel J. Tucker ( )
I E-mailed MGM Website a couple of times about Green Acres 4-6. No response. I am disappointed at their lack of interest in the fans. I would like to complete the set.

Bob n Tahoe
Thank you for this site, i always enjoyed Alf and Ralph

SueJean ( )
Green Acres was a good, clean, wholesome, fun loving program. Ahhh, those were the days.

francine ( )
bonjour, les arpents verts ! d`excellents souvenirs de ma jeunesse. J`ai 40 ans aujourd`hui et je m`en souviens encore comme si c`était hier ! je ne les oublierai jamais -

Frank (,0,2629636.story )
Trivia time: An article says `Or maybe its Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert on Green Acres -- he, pitchfork in hand, she in a strapless with mink -- fussing over Arnold the pig or that brood of 1,000 baby chicks.` Name the episode with the baby chicks.

Ted ( / )
Check out my web address for `An Old-Fashioned Christmas` and also `The Tick Loves Santa`

Rog ( )
who is showing the Christmas episode (with the real tree)? WHMB, Indianapolis isn`t. `Music to Live By` episode airs on 12/25. :(

new years eve san francisco 2010 ( /,, )
You are the greatest!

Ted ( )
Well, our esteemed leader Mark convinced me to include the two last episodes of season six, so I just uploaded them. How did he do it? Three words: Big Joe Haney.

Ted ( )
I just finished all three remaining seasons. Go to YouTube and type in `Green Acres Season 4` or 5 or 6. Then click on `playlist results` for each season to view all the episodes in order, according to Mark`s episode guide. I left out the last two episodes in season six because they are really just spin-off attempts and not Green Acres episodes.

Ken ( )
This is my first comment on this website. So I`ll give a comment about `Petticoat Junction,` and `Green Acres.` As you know, the actors from each series frequently went back and forth on each others` shows. But the themes and situations were different. To put it quite plainly, `Petticoat Juntion,` was like `The Partridge Family, and `Green Arcres` was `The Addams Family`!

Ted ( )
Four more on YouTube: “Lisa the Psychologist”; “Happy Birthday”; “The Case of the Hooterville Refund Fraud”; “The Free Paint Job”.

Ted ( )
I just uploaded two more episodes to YouTube: `Oh, Promise Me` and `Old Mail Day`. I will be adding more episodes from the last three season soon.

Ted ( )
Hi, everyone. I`ve just uploaded an entire episode (in three parts) from season five on YouTube. Start with: Green Acres: Lisa`s Mudder Comes For a Visit - 1 of 3 This episode is kind of hard to find, but I transferred it to DVD from a beta tape years ago.

Jaden Frigo
It is sad to hear Vic Mizzy died. He certainly did a good job on the Greenacres theme song. RIP.