Green Acres
...Virtual Museum
Welcome Message
Megaphone (Interior)
Megaphone (Exterior)
Coffee Pot
Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls (Exterior)
Paper Dolls (Interior)
Petticoat Junction Lunch Box
Ertl Die Cast Toys
Hoyt-Clagwell Box (Front)
Tyco Cannonball
Haney's Truck
Arnold Model Kit
Fake Model Kit
Ertl Die Cast Box Front
Ertl Die Cast Box Rear
Tyco Cannonball #2
Tyco Cannonball #3
Hoyt-Clagwell Box (Rear)
Board Game Interior Top
Board Game Board Board
Board Game Board Box
Mr. Haney Top
Hank Kimball Top
Lisa Douglas Top
Oliver Douglas Top
Ertl Die Cast Box (Left Side)
Ertl Die Cast Box (Right Side)
Train Station
Eva Gabor Doll
Hooterville Handbook
Coloring Book
Confessions of a...
America on the Rerun
Baseball Joke Book
Acres and Pains
Encyclopedia of TV Pets
Family Cookbook
Rocking Chair Humorist
Rocking Chair Humorist
The Eddie Albert Album
We Wuz Poor
Siegler Sales and Profits
September Song
High Upon a Mountain
Off His Rocker
On Going Home for Christmas
Suites and Themes
Off His Rocker
Eddie Albert and Margo
Eddie Albert Sings and...
Don't Think Twice...
Green Acres 45
Tom Lester Interview
Eddie Albert Reads...
Just Waitin'
Hooterville by Black Angus
A Day in the Life of...
Once Before 45
Green Acres 45 (White)
Paul Henning Sings
Mom's Golden Coffee Pot
Oliver and Lisa on Pole
Eddie and Eva Show Green
Eva and Eddie in Formal Wear
Eddie by Tree
Eddie with Green Thumb
Eddie and Eva Dressed Up
Green Acres' Success
Oliver and Lisa with Sunflowers
TV Farm Wife
GA/Petticoat Junction
Regal Eva
Eddie and Eva w/Veggies
Oliver and Lisa Caricature
Eddie Albert
Oliver and Lisa by Vanity
Where are They Now?
Eddie and Eva with Sunflowers
Eddie Plays it for Laughs
Eva Away from the Farm
Oliver and Lisa Countryfied
The Folks of Green Acres
Eddie and His Child
Eddie in Bowler and Lisa
The Man from GA Gets Angry
Oliver with Rake
Mini-TV Guides
Eva the Comedianne
Eva Caricature
Elegant Eva
Sexy Eva
A Cannonball Article
Oliver and Lisa
Eddie Albert from Switch
Eddie Caricature
Oliver and Granny
Tee Vee Magazine
Eddie and Eva
Oliver and Lisa
Oliver and Lisa
Eva Gabor
Eddie and Eva
Arnold Ziffel Article
Eva Gabor Caricature
Eddie Albert
Oliver and Lisa
Columbia House Tapes
Timeless Television
Season Two DVD
Season One DVD
Intimate Portrait-Eva Gabor
Three Tape Set
Christmas in Hooterville
Green Acres Vol. 1
Farm Favorites
Return to Green Acres
Season Three DVD
VHS Collection
Oliver, Lisa, and Haney
Mr. Haney
Return to Green Acres
Eddie, Eva, and Bertram
Recent Eddie
VERY sexy Eva
Oliver and Kids
Pat Buttram Fan Card
Lisa, Oliver, and Eleanor
Haney on PJ
Lisa Testing Soup
Eva w/Boa and Eddie
Oliver and Monsters
Eddie and Eva
Return to Green Acres
Eva on Chair
Oliver and Lisa in Window
Oliver and Lisa under Pine
Eddie and Eva in Limo
Oliver, Lisa, and Countess
In Front of House
Eb Cartoon
Oliver on Farm
A Later Eddie Headshot
An Early Eddie Headshot
Eva by Pool
Eva in Bed
Sexy Eva
Older Oliver and Lisa
Young Alvy Moore
Oliver and Lisa
Dapper Tom Lester
Alf and Ralph
Hooterville Thanksgiving
At the Shady Rest
Return to Green Acres
Volunteer Fire Department
Eb and Haney
Very young Eva
Sexy Eva B&W
Eva in Lundi
Very young Eddie
Pat Buttram
Eddie in Goofy Hat
Christmas Oliver and Lisa
Beautiful Eva
Tom Lester and Alvy Moore
Oliver and Lisa Protest
Young Eddie
Young Rufe Davis
Mr. Ziffel and Joe Carson
Eva Gabor and Friend
Eddie with Newspaper
Oliver, Lisa, and Mrs. Bradley
Young Pat Buttram
Sexy Mrs. Ziffel
Oliver and Lisa Two Eras
Older Eddie on TV
Dashing Eddie
Hank Patterson
Eddie relaxing on a set
Paul Henning
A friendly secretary
Elegant Eva
Mrs. Ziffel Gets Beautified
Lisa on Oliver's Lap
Lisa and Oliver in Bed
Mr. Douglas and Mr. Ziffel
An Elder Eddie Albert
Oliver and Lisa First Meet
Older Eva and Oliver
Happy Anniversary!
Sexy Eva
Young Eddie Albert
Oliver and Haney
Colorful Eddie Albert
Young, Sexy Eva
Oliver and Lisa Farm/City
A Suave Frank Cady
Oliver and Lisa at the Shady Rest
Very Sexy Barbara Pepper
Eddie Radio Interview
Eddie Script Reading
Eddie in Pinstripe Suit
A Later Eddie and Eva
An Elderly Eddie Albert
Eddie in his Garden
Eddie Preparing to Shoot
Eddie in '1984'
Eddie Radio Reading
Eddie's Crop
Spruced Up Eddie
Older Eddie in Tux
Eddie's Walk of Fame Star
Eddie the Merchant Marine
Eddie the Cartoon Voice
Eb, Mr. Kimball, and Mr. Drucker
Oliver with Hay
Sultry Eva
'Return' Oliver, Lisa, and Arnold
Lisa and Mignon
Lisa with Machine Gun
Donald Trump Sings...
Piano Playing Chicken
Barbara Pepper
Eva Signing Artwork
Eva Gabor at the Movies
Eva Gabor in Fur
Oliver and Lisa
Young Eddie
Older Eddie and Eva
Tom Lester Meets Fans
Sexy Eva Gabor
Lisa with Eleanor
Frank Patterson
Bearded Alvy Moore
Eddie on Stairs
Fran Ryan
Sexy Eva
Another Sexy Eva
Yet Another Sexy Eva
An Older Eva
Eva Gabor on Couch
Pat Buttram and 'Friends'
Young Pat Buttram
Tom Lester 2007
Oliver Smooches Lisa
Eva Gabor W/Dog
Sexy Eva
Radio Pat Buttram
Older Eddie Albert
Eb, Hank, and Sam
Eb Closeup
Tom Lester
Eddie and Eva
Pat Buttram
Frank Cady
Eddie and Eva
WCBS Press Kit
Green Acres Valentine's Day
Now and Then
Eddie Albert
Young Eva
Eddie (Pre-Green Acres)
Young Eva
Oliver, Eb, and Arnold
Tom Lester Postcard
Richard Bare with Arnold
GA/Petticoat Junction
Francine York
Kay E. Kuter
Mary Grace Canfield
Oliver and Haney
Sid Melton
Kay E. Kuter
Eddie Dignified
Eva Headshot
Older Eddie with Eva
Kay Kuter
Tom Lester with Rake
Tom and Eddie
Very Young Eddie
Tom Lester
Cowboy Pat Buttram
Older Eddie
Tom Lester w/Malt
Alvy Moore Postcard
Young Sid Melton
Young, Sexy Eva
Eddie with Fishing Pole
Eva and Mignon
Alvy Moore Clipping
Eddie in Wicker Chair
Eddie with Helicopter
Vic Mizzy Music
Eddie Albert Drawing
Eddie with Tomato
Oliver Taking a Shower
Sid Melton
Very Young Eddie
The WHOLE gang
Good Old Days
Alvy Moore
Sid Melton
Alvy Moore (Collage)
Eddie Albert
Pat Buttram
An Elderly Sid Melton
Very Young Alvy Moore
Young, Sexy Eva
Cowboy Pat Buttram
A Later Eddie Photo
A Doodle by Eddie
Eddie in Suit
Eddie and Jane Wyman
Alvy Moore
Oliver Caricature
Young Eddie
Mary Grace Canfield
Eb Caricature
Sid Melton
Cowboy Pat Buttram
Eddie Albert
Eva Gabor
Eva Gabor
Scowling Eddie
Young Eddie Albert
Eddie Albert
Kay E. Kuter
Frank Cady
Alvy Moore
Hank Patterson
Tom Lester-Store Set
Vodka Ad
Tobacco Ad #1
Return to Green Acres Ad
Vodka Ad
Eva Trade Ad
Eddie Trade Ad
Tobacco Ad #2
Eva on Tempo Magazine
Hand Drawn Trade Ad
TV Promotion
Eva in Life Magazine
Ski with Bernat
Cannonball Toy Ad
Yesterday's Memories
Trade Ad
Green Acres Print Ad
Green Acres Print Ad
Green Acres Print Ad
Green Acres Print Ad
Return to Green Acres Advertisement
Pat Buttram Publicity Flyer
Ambassador Life Magazine
Eva in People Today
Reunion Ad
Eva Gabor in Winnipeg Press
Eva Gabor Article
Sexy Eva Gabor
Wig Spray
Sheet Music Cover
Sheet Music Page 1
Sheet Music Page 2
Sheet Music Page 3
Milk Bottle
Naturalization Papers
Wig Cap
Eva Trading Card
Chin Strap
Motel Postcard
Dahling Wigs
You Can't...Playbill
Script Holder
Eddie Trading Card
Motel Box
Cookie Jar
Swim Cap
Nick-At-Nite Poster
Lisa's Hotcakes
TV Land Poster
Boy Scout Badge #1
Boy Scout Badge #2
Deposit Slip
Spanish Trading Card #1
Eva's Gravesite
Spanish Trading Cards #2
Applause Playbill
Eva Weight Card
TV Land Bag
TV Land Flyer
Cream Pitcher
Golf Pencil
Playing Card
Motor Court Postcard
Eva Letter and Photo
RV Park
Wall Clock
Album Advertisement
Yard Sign
Government Sign
Coffee Mugs
School Jacket
Year Book
Coffee Mug
TV Land Ad
Future Fan
Original Painting
Eb T-Shirt
Arnold the Pig Pin
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Caricatures Painting
A Personal Letter from Mr. Drucker
Nick-at-Nite Purse
Fire Department T-shirt
Green Acres Slide
Memorial Park and Mortuary
Fire Department Patch
Police Department Patch
Hooterville Diner Shirt
Lightswitch Cover
Eddie and Margo Check
Eddie Albert Show Ticket
Signature Scarf
Green Acres Sport Shirt
Green Acres T-Shirt
Arnold Fork
Patsy Award Letter
Tom Lester Flyer
Arnold T-Shirt
Trailer Camp Patch
Halloween Costume
Arnold Cork Board
Road Ripper
Riding Club Patch
Eva Gabor Wig
Eva Gabor Scale Card
Memorial Park and Mortuary
Playbill from 'Boys'
Green Acres Resort
The Canadian Green Acres?
Ertl Catalog Page
Mock Envelope
Petticoat Junction Comic Book
Bowling Alley Matches
Coffee Mug
Can Opener
Funeral Card
Carving Board
Hooterville Book
Bed and Breakfast
TVLand Badge
Autographed Script
NOT Arnold's Grave
Pat Buttram Check
Lisa Trading Card
Arnold Ziffel Magnet
House Drawing
Bushel of Hybrids
Word Search Puzzle
Green Acres Peeled Tomatoes
Eva Gabor Tote Bag
Reunion Checks-Front
Reunion Checks-Back
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A cute cartoon about Eb

A cute cartoon about Eb