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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
Throughout the years, there have been several video collections of Green Acres released by both reputable, and not so reputable sources. Unfortunately, many of these releases were only one or two videos, and to date, no one has yet to release the complete series.

Below are some of the more notable collections, and which episodes they contained.
This is one of the earliest collections, it was released in VHS format. It may or may not have been legal, however it was nationally marketed.

Volume 1#1 Oliver Buys a Farm (first aired 09/15/65)
#2 Lisa's First Day on the Farm (first aired 09/22/65)
#3 The Decorator (first aired 09/29/65)
Volume 2#4 The Best Laid Plans (first aired 10/06/65)
#5 My Husband, the Rooster Renter (first aired 10/13/65)
Volume 3#6 Furniture, Furniture, Who's Got the Furniture? (first aired 10/20/65)
#7 Neighborliness (first aired 10/27/65)
Volume 4#8 Lisa the Helpmate (first aired 11/03/65)
#9 You Can't Plug in a 2 with a 6 (first aired 11/10/65)
Volume 5#10 Don't Call Us, We'll Call You (first aired 11/17/65)
#11 Parity Begins (first aired 11/24/65)
Volume 6#12 Lisa Has a Calf (first aired 12/08/65)
#13 The Wedding Anniversary (first aired 12/15/65)
Volume 7#14 What Happened in Scranton? (first aired 12/22/65)
#15 How to Enlarge a Bedroom (first aired 12/29/65)
This VHS set was a nicely packaged set, however it was VERY short lived.

Volume 1#1 Oliver Buys a Farm (first aired 9/15/65)
#22 The Day of Decision (first aired 2/23/66)
#51 It's Human to Be Humane (first aired 02/01/67)
#61 Who's Lisa (first aired 4/19/67)
Volume 2#27 Never Look a Gift Tractor in the Mouth (first aired 4/27/66)
#34 Water, Water Everywhere (first aired 9/21/66)
#56 Lisa's Vegetable Garden (first aired 3/08/67)
#64 Lisa's Jam Session (first aired 9/13/67)
Volume 3#18 Lisa Bakes a Cake (first aired 1/26/66)
#74 Jealousy, English Style (first aired 11/22/67)
#100 Old Mail Day (first aired 11/20/68)
#149 Oliver Goes Broke (first aired 10/13/70)
Volume 4#50 Exodus to Bleedswell (first aired 1/25/67)
#55 The Beverly Hillbillies (first aired 3/01/67)
#59 Kimball Gets Fired (first aired 3/29/67)
#129 Ralph's Nuptials (first aired 12/13/69)
In 1998, Columbia House put out the a very good collection of Green Acres episodes on VHS tape.

Unfortunately, they discontinued the set prior to completing the series. The quality of the tapes were superb and they were uncut, without any commercial breaks. There was one MAJOR bad point though...the episodes were in no particular order.

19269 Goodbye City LifeOliver Buys a Farm, The Day of Decision, It's Human to be Humane, Who's Lisa
19270 Insanity in HootervilleThe Ballad of Molly Turgiss, A Square is Not a Round, The Thing, The Rutabaga Story
19271 Farm LivingNever Look a Gift Tractor in the Mouth, Water Water Everywhere, Lisa's Vegetable Garden, Lisa's Jam Session
19272 Haney the HucksterFurniture, Furniture, Who's got the Furniture?, Getting Even With Haney, Don't Count Your Tomatoes Before They're Picked, Haney's New Image
19273 Pig TalesA Tale of a Tail, Love Comes to Arnold Ziffel, Arnold Boy Hero, Star Witness
19274 Best of the Monroe Bros.How To Enlarge a Bedroom, What's In a Name?, Alf and Ralph Break Up, The Carpenter's Ball
19275 The People of HootervilleExodus To Bleedswell, The Beverly Hillbillies, Kimball Gets Fired, Ralph's Nuptials
19276 For the Love of LawA Pig in a Poke, The Rains Came, Not Guilty, The Great Mayorality Campaign
19277 Breakdown in CommunicationsLisa Bakes a Cake, Jealousy English Style, Old Mail Day, Oliver Goes Broke
19278 Oliver Vs. the BureaucratsOne of Our Assemblymen is Missing, The Candidate, How to Get From Hooterville to Pixley Without Moving, The Case of the Hooterville Refund Fraud
22870 The Chores!Music to Milk By, Hail to the Fire Chief, Handy Lessons, Apple Picking Time
22871 Gypsy TalesThe Vulgar Ring Story, Das Lumpen, The Hungarian Curse, The Blue Feather
22872 HallucinationsThe Saucer Season, The Wish Book, The Cow Killer, Charlie Homer and Natasha
22873 Viva HootersvilleOliver Vs. The Phone Company, Oliver Takes Over the Phone Company, A Kind Word For the President, Flight to Nowhere
22874 Farm AnimalsEverywhere a Chick Chick, A Hunting We Won't Go, Where There's a Will, Happy Birthday
22875 Eb TidesEb Elopes, Eb Returns, Our Son the Barber, Eb's Romance
22876 Fresh AirNo Trespassing, The Spring Festival, The Four of Spades, The City Kids
22877 The Big CityNever Take Your Wife to a Convention, Oliver's Jaded Past, Economy Flight to Washington, Retreat from Washington
22878 Quiet, Please!How to Succeed in Television Without Even Trying, Lisa's Mudder Comes For a Visit, Beauty is Skin Deep, The Beeping Rock
22879 Oliver TwistedHow To See South America by Bus, The Computer Age, The Picnic, The Free Paint Job
Without a doubt, the best release to date is the DVD collection put out by MGM. The quality is extremely good, each volume is a complete season of episodes. Two extra features (not even foreign language subtitles), and as of date, MGM has only released three volumes/seasons. They seem to have dropped the ball on releasing seasons 4, 5, or 6.

Volume 1Season 1
Volume 2Season 2
Volume 3Season 3