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Green Acres
...Trivia Page
Special Thanks to Wingnut for Providing the Questions and the Answers
Hover your mouse over the question to see its answer...Enjoy!


In the rarely-mentioned town of Bleedswell, what factory has opened?
The Mocker Rocket Factory. (Episode #050)
Was a Miss USA winner ever a cameo guest on Green Acres? If so, who/when/what?
Myrna Hansen, Miss USA 1953, was the kippered herring girl Ingrid Hilda in "The Carpenter's Ball" in 1971. (Episode #162)
When the Douglas's move to Pixley, what is Oliver's "bag"?
Yelling at people. (Episode #106)
When Lisa and Oliver decide to take separate vacations, where is Oliver's final stop?
Cuba (Episode #107)
When Lisa accidentally moves into a neighbor's farmhouse, what "remind him of home" trick does Lisa play on Oliver?
She makes the door knob fall-off, when used. (Episode #016)
On the morning that Oliver has the skywatching jitters, what bird does Kimball mistake for a skyrocket?
A Mirdius Colestra. (silver-winged Colestra) (spelling help needed!) (Episode #017)
What does Lori Saunders (Bobbie Jo) bring to Oliver when he has sprained his ankle?
Fried chicken. (Episode #019)
Can you explain what a hotcake head-gasket is?
In The Price Of Apples, the truck Oliver uses to haul apples, blows a head gasket on the road. Oli and Lisa walk to a nearby cafe, where Lisa shows the local cook how she makes hotcakes at home... by pouring batter across the entire griddle, and then using the lid to a coffee pot to press-cut circular hotcakes out-of the "sheet-o-hotcakes". Lisa cuts four hotcakes from the sheet, and makes a head gasket of hotcake... which you'd think wouldn't work on the 4 cylinder engine... but it did. (Episode #020)
Speaking of "The Price of Apples", how many boxes of apples were left alongside the road HOW far back?
112 boxes, 80 miles back. (About 2 hours and 45 minutes back, at the stated 28 mph) (Episode #020)
Kimball has found a way to avoid marrying Ralf (who wouldn't?). Who is Harvey Schmedlap?
When Mr. Treffinger takes over as Kimball's boss, he fires Kimball and replaces him with the mean-spirited Harvey Schmedlap. Later, Ralf makes him run away, by chasing him, romantically. (Episode #060)
When Oliver tells Ralf that she should put a bandage on that, what is he speaking-of?
Her heavily-lipsticked lips. (Episode #021)
On the same day Eb sings in Lisa's voice, what does Oliver buy for Lisa, to try to convince her not to go back to New York?
A shower curtain. (Episode #022)
What convention is happening when Arnold stows-away in a trunk?
The Harvard Alumni Convention. (Episode #023)
When Mr Haney is called Charlton, where is Sam Drucker?
On vacation. (Episode #025)
When Lisa says "What was that drick?"... what is she referring to?
The generator. (Episode #026)
What telephone equipment job is a sideline of Lawler the Installer (Dave Willock)?
A switchboard repairman. (Episode #068)
What transportation industry job is a sideline of Lawler the Installer?
Trans-Pixley Airlines ticket counter. (Episode #111)
When Lawler the Installer played northside farmer Otis Cowan, what was the name of his stud bull?
Duddley. (Episode #099)
What job did Horace Tabor from "Paint Your Wagon" have... in a Green Acres episode?
Chicago hotel clerk. (Episode #120)
How much money was Haney asking... to allow the pole to be put on HIS land?
$800, and then raised to $900, and then dropped to zero. (Episode #026)
Arnold shim-shams, and Oliver tries to delay the eating of Lisa's breakfast, to Columbus Day. Why?
She was serving breakfast pizza, an Italian dish, like Columbus. (Episode #027)
What shim-sham medicine did Eb send Mr Ziffle to Drucker's, to get?
Sawyer's Soothing Syrup. (Episode #027)
Two blue tractors were seen in the show. Lisa bought one. Who "obtained" the other?
Charlie. (and Wanda) (Episode #052)
Speaking of Wanda "Chick-a-Dee" Luverne (Barbara Nichols), where was she working when Oliver met her?
The Boston Follies (third balloon from the left). (Episode #028)
Speaking of mobster-farmer Charlie, why/how does Farmer's Convention-attending Lisa... know him?
Charlie was Lisa's mother's bootlegger during prohibition. (Episode #028)
What were "smudge pots" used-for?
To keep crops from getting frost damage. (Episode #048)
How were "smudge pots" fueled?
Hotcakes/crepes. (Episode #048)
How many Beverly Hillbilly scripts were requested?
A dozen (or so). (Episode #055)
How did Eb injure himself prior to the Beverly Hillbilies play?
A scooter accident. (Episode #055)
In a rare episode where Oliver sees show credits, he also is accused of being a CIA agent. What agent number?
#198. (Episode #053)
In the schpaghetti wheat, beet sauce & Parmesan cheese vines episode, where are the opening credits?
On eggs. (Episode #056)
Eb and oliver get bleep-bleep-bleep syndrome from trying to describe what?
A flying saucer/aliens. (Episode #057)
After drainoff, boltzoff, and trapoffoff, Oli has a flashback to his days of doing WHAT?
Being an artist tramping across Europe. (Episode #058)
Lisa asks her mother if she'd like to see a three-legged rooster, or go to Pixley to do WHAT?
To see the museum with the dead frogs. (Episode #123)
The wishbook was addressed to Calvin Whittaker, who sold the house to Haney's grandfather, named?
Originally Haney (Possibly Origina Lee Haney) (Episode #131)
What wishbook item was received, instead of the wanted #2947 Peerless Cream Separator?
#2974 Grumbacher Magic Lantern. Oliver states that he had ordered the #2974 Peerless Cream Separator, and that they sent the #2947 Grumbacher Magic Lantern. But the picture in the wishbook shows the cream separator to be #2947, and the shipping invoice that Oliver reads, says they sent #2947 - magic lantern. So, the mistake was actually a mix-up in the numbers printed in the wishbook. Fascinating, eh? (Episode #131)
What was the name of the establishment where the FAA-grounded plane was borrowed-from?
The High Flyer (out on Hwy 27). (Episode #082)
In the Son of Drobny episode, what was in the attic?
German soldiers. (Episode #160)
Walter, the bartender, made a specialty drink. What was his name for it?
Stankwell Falls Fizz (2 parts applejack, 2 parts vermouth, a jigger of maple syrup, and a prune) (Episode #072)
Lisa knew all about Walter's specialty drink. Her name for it was what?
A Monte Carlo Punch (Episode #072)
Walter and family stayed in the Douglas house during another episode. How many kids did he have?
6. (Episode #112)
Kimball's sister had a tire-chain-adorned Stavinski, as well. Lisa's forgery was a bird bath. What did Kimball's do?
Made popcorn. (Episode #073)
The "lumpenschtickers & magic cello" story... was told where?
In Drucker's store. (Episode #074)
When Oliver said "There's a ham that IS a ham", what was happening?
Arnold entered the Douglas kitchen, carrying the reviews from the play he just starred-in. (Who) (Episode #091)
For what reason... do the kids have to extend the stay at the Douglas' after mom's baby delivery?
Measles. (Episode #090)
Why did Arnold turn-down the prize for winning the Hawaain Poy Juice contest?
They were serving roast pig. (Episode #093)
That's a local organization. (Episode #094)
Why did Oliver's car fail at hauling cabbages?
It ran out of gas. (Episode #095)
When Arnold predicts snow in July, who made Arnold's sport jacket?
Al Capone's former tailor. (Episode #119/120)
Who is FINALLY able to tell rescuers that Oli and Lisa are trapped in a salt cellar?
Arnold. (He spells it out to Sam Drucker, using store products) (Episode #136)
When Lisa says "Hello there, crooked opponent", who is she speaking-to?
Oliver. (Lisa and Oliver are opposing each other as 'mayorality' candidates) (Episode #156)
When Arnold says one of them looks like Albert Schweitzer, who/what is he referring-to?
The Pixley jewelry store thieves. (Episode #163)
What is Lisa's idea... to help find Arnold in a sty full of pigs that ALL answer to "Arnold"?
Put a TV set in the sty and see which pig turns it on. (Episode #075)
Ralf and Alf get fired, and Oli meets Ira Hatch on a picnic attempt. What happens to Ira in the end?
He leaves on the Cannonball. (Episode #078)
Why is Haney buying-back a bunch of stuff that he once sold?
He is trying to obtain the Douglas farm before its bought-off to make room for a new highway. (Episode #077)
Sam Drucker's date for the Octolieber Auguschtein picnic... plays what instrument?
A Sousaphone. (Episode #140)
Claudelia Freakhauser, fish'n'chips lover, has some unique eyewear. What is it?
A contact lens with a string attached. (Episode number not yet located! Help!)
How did Uncle Fedor get to Paris?
He skied down the Alps. (Episode #143)
Happy birthday oh pig-o-mine, hope this finds you... an electric what?
Snout warmer. (Episode #144)
When Eb's gift breaks its chain, gets into a fight, and gets eaten by something that then flies away, what did it?
Lisa's gift. Intentionally vague, eh? Oliver never learns what it is, either. He is told not to bother helping look for it, because he wouldn't know what to look-for. (Episode #144)
Speaking of birthdays, what is the name of the unseen World's Fastest Cake Printer?
Sarah Hotchkiss. We only hear her typing messages on birthday cakes somewhere in Haney's truck. (Episode #144)
Building inspector Mr. Wilkens looks surprisingly like Eustace Haney. How are they related?
They are cousins. Wilkens' daughter Ophelia has a date with Eb, too. And thanks to Mr. Wilkens' leveraging, they'll get to use the Douglas' car. Oliver and Lisa will go out, as well, and they'll use the tractor. (Episode #015)
When actor Melvin Ackerman is unloading the cots for the city kids, he wears a unique suit. How is it unique?
It makes him invisible. (Episode #146)
When Mayberry's Otis Campbell is trying to sell his GA farm, what radio show is he nearly too tired to listen-to?
Myrt and Marge. (Episode #129)
When Mayberry's Otis Campbell is trying to sell his farm, what radio show does he say... got replaced?
The Great Gildersleeve. (Episode #129)
When Sarah bastes her rump roast, who is minding the switchboard?
Hank Kimball. (Episode #067)
After Lori watches opening credits with Lisa, how is the tractor part found?
The party kids did a scavenger hunt. (Episode #147)
When Oli, Lisa, and Eb, head to Eb's girlfriend's house for dinner, is it at the Trendles, Appleby's, or Wheelers?
The Wheelers. (Episode #152)
When Oli and Lisa get "registraired", what do the townsfolk keep ribbing Oli about?
How slowly he is reading his Organic Farming school book. (Episode #161)
Dillingham "Dinky" Watson, of Hooterville Electronics, gets Oli in trouble with WHO?
The FCC. (Episode #083)
Lisa wants to invest in Cooper's Copper, and gets the idea in a dream. Where does the name Cooper come from?
It is the name of the chauffeur for one of Lisa's New York aquaintances. (Episode #083)
Oliver signed a "must go to New York after two years" contract, recorded where?
On the bottom of some drawers. (Episode #087)
WHO handed-out diamonds like Rockefeller handed-out dimes?
Mr Cummings. (Episode #087)
Although Crazy Carmichael was not seen, what was Lisa's "stupidest thing you've ever done", according to Oliver?
Dropping rutabagas from a hot air balloon. (Episode #087)
"There's a traffic jam on the Chissolm Trail tonight, Martha"... as Haney sells some BULL named what?
Ole' Sanchez. (Episode #099)
Lisa's secret spot remover turns out to be WHAT?
Cabbage soup. (Episode #166)
N.Y.P.A.S. stands for WHAT?
National Young People's Agricultural Society (Episode #112)
Walter "Stankwell Falls Fizz"... accidentally leaves something stuck in the fireplace flue. What is it?
One of his children. (Episode #112)
Oliver once called Lisa "Carrie Nation". What was Lisa trying to get abolished?
Deer hunting. (Episode #113)
The future Mrs. Ziffel visits Lisa to rent a dress for the party, while Eb babysits many. Her name is?
Minnie Holcomb. (Episode #115)
Lydia Plunkett, lives in a trunkette, with stocks well-defunked. What product did Lydia peddle?
Carstare's Corsettes. (Episode #116)
Bibble's Cake and Loony Luke's Milk! What's the undesirable side-affect of aqua-nitra-hydra-chlora-whatever?
It causes temporary baldness. (Episode #117)
What was the name of the sour-pussed champion seed-spitter?
Agnes Cuttahay. She, later, accidentally spits-out a tooth, and also spits a seed at Oliver. (Episode #124)
According to a theory that Oliver had, WHAT made the giant cornstalk grow?
Lisa's lemonade. (Episode #124)
What was the name of the company that Lisa ordered the forehead tweezers and other cosmeteticals... from?
Lady Love Cosmetics (Episode #125)
A possible sexual innuendo was seen with Tadpole and Lisa. Where did it happen and what was said?
It happened at the kitchen table in the Douglas house. Regarding Eb and Tadpole's relationship, Tadpole states "Why, we was bosom buddies" while his face is very near to Lisa's bosom... as she clears dishes from the table. Tadpole immediately says "Beggin' yer pardon, ma'm". Lisa, dumbfounded and puzzled for a moment, finally says with a warm smile... "Well that's alright". It is one of the strangest moments in any Green Acres scene. It might even be stranger than the Son of Drobny moving-around a crate with his feet... when the crate has a solid wooden bottom. Thank goodness for the magic of television! :) (Episode #127)
Lisa hypothesizes that Big Joe Haney has "something" on the governor. What's her theory?
Hot dogs. Joe Haney ran a hot dog stand, and the governor had a hot dog monkey on his back. (Episode #128)
What's the name of the pig that rolls out the red carpet for Arnold when he's returning from Chicago?
Jimmy. He is Arnold's cousin. He cut classes to come see Arnold's arrival. (Episode #120)
According to Haney's transistorized tie, how many skiers are lost on Park Avenue?
3. (At 58th street & Park Avenue) (Episode #046)
Who sent the special lelivery detter?
It was from La Rue Frere (The Rue Brothers), to Lisa, inviting her to a special sale on Chinchilla coats. (Episode #132)
Crickley Wickley was well known around Hooterville... for what?
Extremely nice prizes in their cereal boxes. (Episode #108)
During a heavy storm (raining cats & reincarnational dogs), what was found by a washed-out bridge?
Eb's scooter. (Episode #118)
When Lisa said "He certainly said a mouthful", she was talking about WHOM?
Kyoto. Lisa's mother was visiting, and Lisa was dealing with troublesome subtitles. (Episode #122)
Jody, from "Family Affair", had a neat solar go-cart, and he peddled moonrocks. What happened to his rocketship?
It crash-landed in Simpson's Swamp and sank. (Episode #141)
What was the name of the magazine that Mort Warner wrote-for?
Newsworthy Magazine. (Episode #135)
In the Hooterville Centennial episode, how much money did dancehall-girl Lisa... try to con out-of settler Oliver?
$800. (Episode #102)
Who won the "name that song/tune" radio contest?
Ben Frogmeyer of Pixley. (Episode #063)
What did Oliver want Kyoto to do with the blooping hotcakes?
Get some wire and solder and make transistor radios out of them. (Episode #123)
While Lisa "habit"ually rides a talking birthday horse, what does Eb's submarine sandwich have for ingredients?
Knockwurst, salami, red peppers, coleslaw, Gorgonzola cheese, tabasco sauce, and a torpedo. What? You couldn't remember that off the top of your head? C'MON! :) (Episode #104)
According to Eb, how are the chicks going to get from Druckers... to the farm?
He gave directions to the lead chick, and told the others to follow. (Episode #105)
According to Doris's lombago, what crops should be planted?
Corn. (Episode #009)
Oliver sees show credits, and Doris and Fred are at the falls. What happens to Arnold?
He almost gets drafted into the army. (Episode #037)
What town name is used as a threat/leverage... to get "Claude of NY" to help with Hooterville's beauty salon?
Scranton (Episode #125)
While Lisa shrinks dishes, Ben Hanks holds a meeting. What is Oliver trying to get Ben to do?
To repair Hooterville's road(s). (Episode #097)
What caused the marriage of Ralf and Hank to be nullified?
Sam Drucker's Justice of the Peace license had expired before the ceremony. (Episode #133)
How much money did the puppy on the doorstep, cost Oliver in lost wages?
$5000. Oliver had to come back early... from working on a case with his former NY law firm. (Episode #134)
Irene the cow... was mistaken for a stuffed promotional cow from what company?
The Salt Lake City Salt Lick Company. (Episode #137)
During the Hooterville school walkout/sitdown, what position did Oliver hold?
School Board President. (Episode #138)
Lester Luster, IRS collector, and TV station producer, were all played by the same man. What is a pore key spring?
According to Haney, a pore key spring is part of the pore key hole on the Douglas's house. A pore key is inserted and turned, to open/close the pores in the wood. (Episode #159)
When Lori is sick and Lisa tells yet another "how we met" story, how many bottles of champagne were received?
6. Actually, this is a tricky question. Only 3 bottles were seen delivered to the table, but upon Oliver saying "3 bottles of champagne", the sound of 3 more champagne cork-poppings was heard. So, 6 bottles is implied, and later Lisa mentions 6 bottles to her father. A bit later in this episode, Lisa, with Oliver near, effortlessly pops the cork on another two bottles, both are seen on-camera. (Episode #149)
Lori leaves, Lisa bored. How many years did Fred own/wear the old suit before it was given to the Douglas's?
30. (Episode #150)
When Oliver has a criminal double in a Pixley hotel, what is the doubles' girlfriend's name?
Blanche Foster. Her real life name is Chanin Hale. (Episode #153)
"The pig mailed the letter?" was also said by Oliver's doppleganger's woman. What other role did she play?
Abigail Haney, Eustace's great great grandmother. She played an astonishingly-young-looking shill for Haney's hamster-milk-fortified Mademoiselle Yvette's Face Rejuvenating Creme. (Episode #125)
Its women's liberation time, and Lisa, as Max, expects Oliver to do the housework. What girl's name does she call him?
Sophie. (Episode #155)
While Lester Luster (Tom Lowell) tries to paint, Lisa tries to cook. What is she trying to cook?
Schpaghetti (and a meatball) (Episode #159)
What did Oliver win at the Carpenter's Ball?
Third place in the beauty contest. (Episode #162)
Eb and Darlene are set to marry at the Pixley Emporium, on live TV. Where was Eb's earlier choice?
The Tidy-Bright car wash in Pixley. (Episode #164)
When Hank Kimball falls thru the Douglas's porch, how many drum'n'kazoo corp members visit him?
Five. Hard to remember, yes? But I bet you remember the color of their uniforms. (Episode #149)
Big prizes! Free lunch! Its Joe Carson's Giant Plowing Contest! What was the prize for Lisa's chicken-cooking contest?
The Douglas' leopard-skin couch. (Episode #007)
Oli rents Bertram, and Alf is seen playing another role... as?
Ed Fergusen... the plumber. (Episode #005)
Eleanor is expecting, but the barn is leaking rain. Where does Lisa put Eleanor?
In the kitchen at the Douglas house. (Episode #012)
Sir Geffrey comes to Hooterville to build its symphony orchestra. What is Sir Geffrey's nickname?
Poopsie. (Episode #031)
After Haney's foul-mouthed rainmaker fails, a sunflower saves the day. What's the sunflower's name?
Rudolph. (Episode #030)
During the courtroom scenes of the rainmaker lawsuit, what is said to be across the street?
Bar/restaurant (diner). (Episode #030)
Just before the architect was hired, what type of bird was seen in the Douglas's medicine cabinet?
A pigeon. (Episode #043)
After a bucket of confusions, Oli becomes what type of judge?
An apple judge at the county fair. (Episode #048)
How often does the State Farm Unattached Duty Tax Bureau meet?
One week per year, and they leave at noon on the last day. (Episode #038)
Instead of Gladys Schwabocker, Etta Dreckney arrived on the stage. Before all else, she insists upon what?
Getting married. (Episode #039)
Lisa takes homemaking and driving classes. Lawler installs. What job does Peter Greader have?
He's the meter reader. (Episode #049)
Although an amateur actor needs to talk into the sardine can, they should never look into what?
The tomato can. (Episode #042)
Actors see opening credits often in GA. When seen by Eustace, Hank, and Sam, in Druckers, what do the actors do?
Delay talking/acting until the credits finish. (Episode #053)
The Ziffel's new washing machine looks a bit like Luke's milk-making machine. What is its brand name?
Grabwell. (Episode #058)
Lisa gets amnesia, and needs to spend a fall at the opera to fix her. How did she get amnesia?
Oliver dropped a hammer on her head. (Episode #061)
Although Sam has no "grounds" to accuse Eb or anyone... of robbery, what lifts the lid on the pickle barrel?
Gas. (Episode #071)
In Sam's plan, if the countess is arriving by train, what color skyrocket should be shot-off?
Green. (Episode #084)
When Tony the UK tramp... arrives in Hooterville, what is said about his teeth?
That there are gaps between them. (Episode #074)
Why does state senator Brad Collins (Amy Collins' great uncle?) decide not to quit his office?
He decides not to get married. (Episode #063)
When Ralf and Alf have a fight, and Ralf stays with the Douglas's, what Oli-loved dish does Ralf cook?
Roast duck. (Episode #079)
Doris was once a champion Charleston dancer, but now she obtains her peach jam from where?
The grocery store in Pixley. (Episode #064)
Eb returns from his brideless honeymoon, and borrows local friend Cynthia to "play" his bride. She's playing whom?
Loreli Appleby (the girl Eb was supposed to be eloping-with) (Episode #078)
The runaway boy said his name was Frankcan, and later, Hotpeppers. What was his REAL in-character name?
Gilbert Henshaw. (Episode #080)
According to Roy Trendel's mother Sarah, how did Oliver obtain ownership of the Hooterville telephone company?
He won it in a crooked poker game. (Episode #067)
Eb tries to take some workload off-of Hooterville's traveling barber. What is the barber's last name?
Hinkle (Episode #086)
What did Joe Carson use to chop two of Drucker's apples in-half, prior to Oliver being made fire chief?
A fireman's axe. (Episode #095)
When Lisa takes carpenter training with the Monroes, how is Doctor Herkheimer involved?
Eb's imagination, relating to a soap opera. Supposedly, Lisa runs-off with him. (Episode #098)
Happy "old mail day"! From the FBI Novelty company, Arnold will FINALLY receive his long-ago-ordered what?
Finger-printing kit. (Episode #100)
Eb's English girlfriend... Claudelia Freakhauser... was crowned "Miss Tea'n'Crumpets" in what year?
1963 (Unknown episode number. Help?)
The new phonebooks are out, and Oli is listed as an attorney. Who is Clyde Dinglehoffer?
A possible attorney who carved his initials into a desk that Haney is trying to sell to Oliver. (Episode #018)
When the blue-feather gypsy-hippy asks "eat it or smoke it?", what is he speaking-of?
The contents of a green woman's purse. (Episode #103)
Hungarian fixit man Laslo, hid Lisa's father... where?
In a wine barrel in his basement. (He, then, drank his way to freedom) (Episode #088)
The Bing Bug could ruin the corn festival. The club called the 4F (FFFF) stands for what?
Former Fighters of Foreign Fracases. (Episode #033)
Lawler the Installer has YET ANOTHER role (5th?), this time as a non-switchboard-repairing telephone man named?
Tom Blackwell. (Ugly Duckling - Tom was to run the wire from the pole to the house.) (Episode #034)
Loony Luke has another role, this time as a water douser. What do they call him?
Willie the Witcher. (Episode #094)
Rumors have Oli busing-off to South America with a local lady farmer. What's her possibly-political name?
Amy Collins. (Episode #036)
Betty Jo is looking good... out of her baseball cap, and Eb is smitten. What is Betty Jo alergic-to?
Roses. (Episode #040)
Lawler the Installer has ONE MORE role (6th?), this time as a safety-helmet-wearing what?
Driving instructor for Lisa. (Episode #047)
In the land of square eggs, toasters work via saying a number. What number operated the Douglas's toaster?
5. (Episode #044)
In the episode where Eunice falls off the phone pole, what's the indian chief's name?
Yellow Horse. (Episode #045)
Nephew Chuck comes to visit. During a fireplace collapse, one brick remains in place. Why?
It was stuck into place using hotcake batter. (Episode #032)
How long does Lisa agree to live in Hooterville for?
6 months
When Oliver originally purchased "The Haney Place" how many acres did it consist of?
160 acres
When Eleanor has her calf, what do they name her?
Eunice Cow (Named after Oliver's mother)
Where do Oliver and Lisa typically spend their anniversary?
In jail
After selling his farm to Mr. Douglas, Mr. Haney cried for three days, until what?
The check cleared
In order to become a member of the Hooterville Volunteer Fire Department, you must be able to what?
Play a marching band instrument
What unusual thing does Oliver collect?
Folk songs
Eb's pet turtle is named what?
The elevation of Hooterville is what?
1427 feet
What brand of flour does Lisa use to cook hot cakes?
Hal's Hotcake Flour