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Green Acres
...Questions and Answers

This page contains all the answers to those burning questions I get asked on a nearly daily basis from Green Acres fans. However, before I just give you the answers, I'd like to pick your brain for a few answers of my own. As big a fan as I am of the show, occassionally, even I get a question that I can't answer. Here's your chance to help me out! If you know the answer to any of the questions below, please email by: clicking here.


  • Do you remember an episode where Mr Kimble said he owned the town signed papers that he does not own the street but owns the land under the street His neighbor may also own the street, well at least part of it. His neighbor pays his taxes and he pays his neighbors taxes.

    Then he went into a ramble how this was filed under that category in the town records, everything was a paperwork nightmare totally disorganized, but he knew the chaotic luny system of how the town misfiled the records.
  • I watched Green Acres as a kid and always enjoyed it. I particularly remember a funny episode where Oliver mentions growing rutabagas, and everyone tells him there's no such thing and this joke is brought up several times throughout the episode. I searched for Rutabaga and Green Acres and could only find Season 3 episode 27, but in this episode everyone agrees that rutabagas exist.

    I've even searched Petticoat Junction, to no avail.

    Do you know what episode includes the line: "There's no such thing as a rutabaga"?
  • I am trying to find the name and episode number of the show in which Mr, Drucker is recommending after shave lotion to Arnold and tells him that it is what he uses on dates. Arnold snorts and Mr. Ziffel explains that Arnold has seen the girls that Mr. Druker dates and if that is the after shave lotion he uses, then Arnold wants something else.
  • Do you remember an episode where Mr Kimble said he owned the town signed papers that he does not own the street but owns the land under the street His neighbor may also own the street, well at least part of it. His neighbor pays his taxes and he pays his neighbors taxes.

    Then he went into a ramble how this was filed under that category in the town records, everything was a paperwork nightmare totally disorganized, but he knew the chaotic luny system of how the town misfiled the records.
  • Can you tell me what episode has Mr. Haney saying the following (referring to used car): "it's never been wrecked, raced or abused, driven uphill or against the wind?"
  • Isn’t there a show where Eb is on a go-kart burning around the barn….I know of the one on the mini-bike
  • What was the brand of hat that Hank Kimball wore?
  • Could you tell me if Oliver and Lisa's bedroom was ever decorated in red?
  • What is the china pattern that was used on Oliver and Lisa's table in Green Acres?
  • What is the brand/style of the chaise lounge in the kitchen and also what is the brand/style of the red velvet chairs around the glass table?
  • What Brand/Style are the crystal wall sconces, one of which hangs on the same wall of the penthouse as the Mondrian painting. Also what brand of chair is the orange chair that is below the crystal sconce.
  • What kind/brand of chairs are the ones that are in the corner behind the leopard skin couch, also what kind of paintings are the ones that hang above the orange chairs that I mentioned before and, one more thing what kind/brand is that silver cabinet with the Asian markings on it.
  • I seem to remember, Lisa was trying to home-process (“can”) corn. She would take one ear of corn and put it in a mason jar and cook it. Do you remember this episode or am I dreaming???
  • Could your please tell me the "Brand Name" and/or the name of the "Tea Pots" or "Coffee Pots" that hung in the back of Mr. Drucker when he would be standing at the counter talking to all his customers during the show?
  • In what episode did Mr Ziffel talk about his gasoline-powered TV set?
  • I'm a semi-new Green Acres fan. I remember watching the re runs of it with my Mother several years ago but recently just started watching again. I can't help but notice the pink appliances in their house on the show. Would you happen to know what brand they are?
  • In which episode did Oliver use Lisa's hotcakes to repair the roof of the house? (I'm pretty sure there's an episode where he actually nails some to the roof, however, in episode 73 Won't you come home, Arnold Ziffel? (first aired 11/15/67) Mr. Ziffel admits to using them to shingle his roof!)
  • Hi, I was wondering if you knew who got 3rd place in the shuffleboard game on one of the green acres episodes. they said arnold won, Lisa got second.
  • What was the western movie that Arnold was always watching on TV?
  • I recall a scene in an episode were Lisa explains the rules of baseball … I think it was to Eb Dawson...What episode was it? And what was her explanation?
  • What is Arnold's favorite food?
  • Which episode does Mr. Haney say "whompata whompata ping" when describing a malfunctioning motor?
  • Which episode was filmed in pennsylvania? (I believe right outside of Gettysburg...On Starner Station Road)
Prove your an even bigger fan than I am! I'll post the answers below:

Where IS Hooterville?

The actual location of Hooterville was one of the many running gags of the show. It was never disclosed as to what state Hooterville was supposedly in. Frequently, the writers would put conflicting "hints" into the episodes to further confuse viewers.

(Side note: In the Green Acres special edition three tape set, the host states that Hooterville is in Virginia. However, I believe this is an error.)

(Bonus side note: Superfan Geoff Capp noticed that in the Return to Green Acres movie, Mr. Drucker said the zip code of Hooterville was 40516 and 1/2. He did some research and found that Lexington, KY, has a ZIP code of 40516. A possible answer? Or more misinformation?)

What was Lisa's dog's name?

Lisa's dog's name was Mignon (as in filet mignon...pronounced MEEN-yohn). Mignon was a female Yorkshire Terrier. In French, "mignon" means "nice" or "cute."

What is Mr. Haney's first name?

Well, I must finally concede. His official name is Eustice. It was mentioned in one episode, and I have seen Pat Buttram himself stating this fact on a Hooterville reunion show. (However, in "The Deputy," Mr. Haney's nephew (Heston Haney), calls Mr. Haney Uncle Charleton)

What channel is Green Acres on?

Although if you look hard enough, you can usually find SOME channel that shows Green Acres, why wait months, possibly years to see your favorite episodes?!? Click here to find out how you can REASONABLY own every single episode!

What cast members are still alive?

Sadly, with the death Tom Lester (Eb Dawson), there are no remaining main cast members living.

Are Green Acres episodes available on DVD?

Yes! MGM has put out several seaons on DVD (Three seasons as of 4/29/2006). The DVDs ares GREAT! Complete, uncut, and in order! To purchase the DVDs, click here. Unfortunately, it appears that MGM is dropping the ball and will not be releasing seasons four, five, or six.

Are Green Acres episodes available on video tape?

Yes, many years ago Columbia House put out something like 20 tapes through their video club. Unfortunately, they didn't release all of the episodes, and the episodes on the tapes are in NO particular order, whatsoever! You can usually find them on Ebay.

Did the Green Acres ever do a crossover with Petticoat Junction or the Beverly Hillbillies?

Yes. There were tons of little crossover shows where Green Acres cast members would show up on Petticoat Junction or The Beverly Hillbillies, and vice-versa. My personal favorite pseudo-crossover is when the Hooterville theatre troop performed an Episode of The Beverly Hillbillies with Oliver as Jethro and Lisa as Granny.

What episode featured the Hooterville Monkey Racing Track?

That would be episode #139. The case of Hooterville refund fraud (first aired 02/28/70).

Who directed all of those kooky episodes?

Richard Bare

What was the cow's name?

Eleanor...and her calf was named Eunice (after Oliver's mother)

What was Arnold's favorite TV show?

Although he always seemed to be watching cowboy and indian pictures, his FAVORITE show was actually the soap opera "Love is never a stranger."

What was the telephone operator's name?


What brand of tractor did Oliver own?

On the show, his tractor was a Hoyt-Clagwell. In reality though, his tractor was a Fordson model "F" built from 1917-1926 . This was the first actual tractor built and sold by Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company). It was named "Fordson" because of the involvement of his son in this venture. Ford Motor company was a sponsor of the show, thus his car being a Lincoln, Haney's truck a Model "T",and the Fordson. If you remember the show when Lisa bought Oliver a new tractor, the tractor dealer had all Fords, and I believe the tractor she picked was a Ford 6000 diesel. These were built from 1961-1967. The other tractor used at the beginning of the show start was a John Deere "GP" tractor. The "GP" stood for General Purpose,and these were produced from 1928-1935. The McCormick-Deering tractors were #1 in popularity back when these tractors were built, and John Deere was second in line. The three companies engaged in price battles for sales dominance, in which McCormick-Deering came out on to with Deere second, and Ford finally dropped production of the Fordson "F" in retreat. I would guess that the "GP" was his liking, but because of Ford's sponsorship, the Fordson was a requirement.

ADDED INFO: the Fordson tractor was named that not because Ford’s son was involved, but because there already was a Ford Tractor Company. A group of Minnesota business, trying to capitalize on Ford’s automobile success and knowing Ford was working to develop a tractor, hired a man with the last name of Ford, and founded the Ford Tractor Company. They only produced a few “Ford” tractors, but it was enough to force Henry Ford to use the name “Fordson.” (Thanks to Charles Nordstrom)

(Whew! The above tractor information was all supplied by Jerry L. Davis)

What was Lisa's maiden name?

Gronyitz. (Julia Ward wrote in with the correction that her FULL last name was actually Lastfogel Gronyitz...Thanks Julia!)

What was the dog's name that was on both Green Acres and Petticoat Junction?

Admit it! One of the reasons you tune into the show is to see Higgins, the top dog at the Shady Rest Hotel. That's why I get so many of you asking questions about the dog, from it's name, to how it did those tricks.

First of all, let's tackle the name issue. On the show, the dog was called simply "Dog". Though in one episode Gunilla Hutton messed up and spoke his real name, Higgins, which was either never caught or let go. In any event, that one blooper is probably the reason for the controversy.

Dog did those tricks thanks to the masterful training of Frank Inn. The Dog must've done over two hundred of them, and done them all well! It was the magnificent training, and the dog's exceptional intelligence that made him do those tricks. (Thanks to Petticoat Junction Online for this answer)

Do you know what railroad the "C&FW" stands for?

The most unique "character" in the Petticoat Junction cast is The Hooterville Cannonball, an abbreviated steam-driven train run more like a taxi service by its two engineers, Charley Pratt and Floyd Smoot. It is not uncommon for the men of the Cannonball to make an unscheduled stop in order to go fishing or pick fruit for Kate Bradley's menu at the Shady Rest Hotel. Occasionally, Betty Jo Bradley can be found with her hand on the Cannonball's throttle, as driving the train home from trips into town is one of her favorite pasttimes.

The Cannonball's usual speed belies its name (which was perhaps inspired by Casey Jones' locomotive), though it still manages to give its passengers a thrill while rounding the local version of Dead Man's Curve. Ostensibly, the Cannonball operates as part of the C. & F.W. Railroad. Exactly what the initials stand for is today a mystery. [Even Paul Henning, creator of the show, doesn't remember the inspiration behind them] It has been speculated that the initials are a writers' tribute to the Cannonball trainmen, as in the "Charley & Floyd Western", or some such thing (ironically, the final Cannonball engineer, in seasons 6 & 7, was named Wendell, but it is unlikely that the writers were precognitive enough to intentionally add his initial). Yet another theory is that it is a geographical reference, a la "Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe," in this case, perhaps "Chicago & Fort Worth." (Thanks to for this answer)

In addition...

The train was also used in some movies, like "Ticket to tomahawk" w/Dan Dailey & Ann Bancroft (I think) and a young Marilyn Monroe in one of her first roles. It was made sometime in the 40s, but I don't know when or what other movies it was in.

Also, it only had one set of driving wheels (the big wheels) and they had to switch them around sometimes, depending on what side was toward the camera.

Which show came first? Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, or The Beverly Hillbillies?

The Beverly Hillbillies 1962-1971
Petticoat Junction 1963-1970
Green Acres 1965-1971

I have a question about the opening credits of green acres. Do you know where the footage of the farm and the farm house (With the Green Acres painted on the roof) was taken?

The opening credits, including the farm house with the title on it, were shot in Thousand Oaks, California. The title was painted by Max Thornton. The ACTUAL Green Acres house (Where Lisa and Oliver lived), however, was only a sound stage.

What was the name of Eb's friend, the scarecrow?

Actually, there have been a couple of names. Perhaps there was more than one scarecrow. The one's I've found so far are Dudley, Carl, Wilber, and Stuffy.

Who owns the rights to the theme song? How can I use it in a commercial?

Vic Mizzy wrote the theme song. It is available for commercial use. For complete info, contact: Monica Corton, VP of Creative Affairs & Licensing for Next Decade Entertainment, Inc., 545 Madison Avenue, 6th Floor, NY NY 10022. Phone is 212-583-1887. Fax is 212-813-9788. E-mail is

How can I save the radio shows (and other such sound files) to a CD?

(Thanks to Jon Paloian for providing this information! He said if you have any questions, you may contact him at:

To record these shows to cd, first download them and put them in a folder or somewhere where you can find them later. Perhaps on the desktop. You may want to right-click and rename them so that you can distinguish one show from another. Of course, you will need a computer with a cd burner. (What if you don't have a computer with a cd burner, or you simply prefer cassette? Theoretically, one should be able to record anything playing on the computer by connecting the computer's speaker output jack to a portable cassette recorder's input jack. In that case, you will not need to convert these files, you simply need to play them.) Then, download a free program called "jetAudio 5 basic". This will play these .rm (RealMedia) files. It will also convert them to .wav files, which is necessary to record them. Use the "open files" button on the toolbar to play it. You should hear the show playing. If you click on the time and choose "remained time", it will come in handy later. It will count down rather than up. Stop playing the show. Click "recording" on the upper bar (you will not need to click on "conversion" at all). A new window will open. On the source side, choose "mono mix". Set your record levels. I used the following; shows 1 & 2 - level 10. For show 3 - level 8. For show 4 - level 3. You can experiment for yourself by "recording" (or converting) a few samples and watching the volume levels. Going in the red a little bit is OK. "Recording", which I would call converting, is done in real time. In other words, a half-hour show will take a half-hour to "record" (or convert). On the target side of the "recording" window, choose the folder where the "recorded" (or converted) files will go, and choose WAV under "encoder". I don't know what "File Naming" does. Under "option", you may want to check "enable timer" and set the time for 30 minutes. That way, if your not around to stop the "recording" (or converting), it will stop automatically. You don't want to let the "recording" (or converting) go on too long after it's done, because it will cause a gap of silence between your first and second track on your cd. Set the timer, but try and stop it manually when the show is over. When you are finished with the show, find the file you just made, right-click on it and rename it. If you don't, each new "recording" (or conversion) will overwrite the previous one. I named mine "7-10-50", "7-17-50", and so on.

{NOTE: When you are done, you will see that these .wav files have a different icon. Mine have a "Winamp" icon. If you get an error during this process, you may need to install a free program called "Winamp". The reason I'm not sure, is because I already had 2 versions of "Winamp" installed before I started, version 2.81 & version 3. Any version should work. A free one will do fine.}

The hard part is now done. Now all you have to do is burn your cd's with the newly created .wav files, using Windows Media Player, Roxio, or whatever you normally use to burn cd's. You can fit 2 shows per cd.

Who created all of Lisa's great outfits?

Jean Louis created her gowns, however her many peignoir sets were almost entirely from the Lucie Ann Claire Sandra collection. You can tell that from the two flowers on the bust. Also, Nolan Miller was credited as the costumer for Eva Gabor at some point, Nolan Miller was also the costumer for the series "Dynasty."

Which episode had Lisa making the dehydroficated Mason Dixon Chicken Dinner?

Episode 68, "A Kind Word for the President."

Which episode did Haney sign a petition as Irving Two Smokes (a wooden indian)?

Episode 66, "Oliver VS the Phone Company."

Which episode had Harold Hootha in it? (Oliver here's a knock on the door and says his infamous "What the...?" only to be answered..."No, Hootha...Harold Hootha.")

Episode 69, "Don't Count Your Tomatoes Before They're Picked."

What was Mr. Haney's license plate number?

JLZ257 (In episode 24, The deputy (first aired 03/16/66), Mr. Douglas gives Mr. Haney a ticket for not having a license plate on his truck. Mr. Haney says that he hadn't had a license plate since he originally bought the truck in 1922. HOWEVER, in episode 86, Our son, the barber (first aired 02/28/68) you can clearly see that he has apparently gotten one...a BIG TIME thanks to Kevin D. Snyder for this one!)

What were the words to Oliver's famous farmer speech?

Click here for your answer in video form! (Thanks to Dan Becker for the clip!)

What is the manufacturer and pattern name of the china that Lisa uses?

The pattern is "Marquis" by Flintridge china--coupe shape. Cream background with rings of copper/gold. (Thanks to George Volkert for the answer to this question!)

In what episode does Hooterville secede from the Union (By blowing up a bridge)?

Episode 164: King Oliver I (first aired 02/09/71)

Why did Eb disappear from the show for a bunch of episodes while on his "honeymoon" only to return with no bride?

Tom Lester had mono and had to miss several weeks of filming.

In one episode, I think it was "Lisa's Vegetable Garden", Mr. Kimball shared a very interesting fact. He told Mr. Douglas something along the lines of, "Tomatoes are the dumbest of all vegetables. The average tomatoe's intelligence is less than that of a 6 year old child." If you could tell me the exact quote I would be very grateful.

"Tomatoes are the dumbest of all plants. Well, their IQ is hardly above what a six year old child's is."

Is Mr. Haney married? And if so, have we ever seen his wife?

Yes, though we never actually see his wife, he mentions her several times throughout the series. In episode 11, Eb says that Mr. Haney has his marriage certificate on the wall and throws darts at it.

In episode 22 "The day of decision", Mr. Haney is plucking a chicken in his truck to forecast Lisa's decision... He tells Oliver "I plucked a yes out of a Rhode Island Red..."(referring to asking his wife to marry him... ) "I still can't see a plucked chicken without thinking of Mrs. Haney...",

Also, in episode 24 "The Ballad of Molly Turgis", when Oliver asks Mr. Haney if he'd ever seen an ugly hag when shaving (while Mr. Haney lived in the farm house...), Mr. Haney says "No, but my wife has...."

Eb Dawson once tried to win a contest on radio station WPIXL. To win, contestants had to identify 12 different songs. The prize for winning was a trip to what city and state?

Las Vegas, Illinois

Which episode did Oliver have to take a number in the nonexistent line to talk to someone at the electric company?

That would be episode 25 - Double drick (first aired 03/23/66)

What make/model of vehicle did Hank Kimball drive?

1966 Ford Bronco Roadster
ADDED INFO: Hank did drive a 1966 Ford Bronco starting in season #2, but in the first season, I believe show #3 when Hank first shows up he is driving a nice forest green 1965 Jeep CJ-5. All through the first season Hank drove the Jeep. (Dale Curtis)

In episode 71 entitled "The Thing"... When they were trying to open the big crate to see what was in the box for Oliver's birthday, Lisa said something about what she had to find on the crate - a certain spot to hit - what was the phrase she used? what did she call the spot?

The Nerve Center

I have wanted the bright colored picture in Lisa's New York apartment all my life. (The One with the bright squares and rectangles) Do you know anything about it or if there are copies somewhere?

It is an abstract style of painting called "NEOPLASTICISM" and was made popular by a Dutch painter named Piet Mondrian (Do a google search on "Mondrian" and find TONS of info!) There's a fun website where you can create your own Mondrian! Click here.

Do you remember the episode where Mr. Douglas and Mr. Drucker go 'round and 'round when Oliver is trying to talk to "Sam Drucker the Postmaster" and "Same Drucker the Merchant"? (Sam Drucker keeps interrupting Oliver everytime Oliver wants to talk to the "other one", it goes something like this: Oliver starts talking about the mail and Sam interrupts him to move over to the postal cage and put on his "postmaster" hat and then says: "Postmaster"...then Oliver will talk about store operations and Sam will say that he has to talk to the store owner, Drucker moves from the postal window, takes off his "postmaster" hat and then says something to the effect that he can now talk to the goes like this for a while.)

Episode 6: Furniture, furniture, who's got the furniture? (first aired 10/20/65)

When was the fife music actually FIRST introduced on the show? In the earlier episodes Mr. Douglas' speeches were dry without the background music of a flute.

Episode 17: I didn't raise my husband to be a fireman (first aired 01/19/66)

Do you know what model of Ford convertible automobile Mr.Douglas drives in the show?

The first car used in the filming was a 1965 Lincoln Continental convertible, the second car was a 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible and the third car was a 1969 Mercury Marquis convertible. Here's a bunch of car info.

In what episode does Lisa say "shoosting star"? From what I remember they are in the corn field, looking for shooting stars, and Lisa calls out that she has spotted a "shoosting star."

Episode 17, I didn't raise my husband to be a fireman (first aired 01/19/66)

I was wondering if you happened to recall which episode Eb sticks his head in a freezer and his eyebrows become white with frost?

Episode 131, Beauty is Skin Deep (first aired 12/27/69)

Where was the real "county seat" (capital) building located? (the small domed courthouse with the palm tree beside it).

In an AMAZING feat of Detective Work, super-fan David Wisley has determined that the building is actually the Massachusetts State Capital building.

What is the Douglas' License Plate Number?

The license plate number on the Douglas' car is 4G-8561 (New York plates). Special thanks to Frank D'Agostino for this tid bit of information.

There was a Green Acres episode where Eb went on the road with a Country/ Western Singer. The singer was on the "Connubial Lable" (this name made my Mom laugh) and his "hit" song was "The Ace Of Spades". What episode? What was the singers name? I've looked through the episode guide and can find no mention of it. I saw the episode once when it first aired. I've never seen it re-run.

That would be episode 125, "Four of spades" (first aired 11/08/69). Tommy Roe plays "The Original Tadpole Talbot," an old friend of Eb's who is the writer/singer of such classics as "I've got a right to drink the booze," "Tiptoe through the barnyard," "I greased my fliver with chicken liver," and of course, his latest smash hit, "The four of spades." (All on the Conubial Label)

Since he felt he owed Eb for being such a good friend, he offers Eb a job "plugging" his music...Eb travels all around the country with him, but becomes disgruntled with his job as it turns out all he is doing is "plugging" in all of the instruments before a gig.

The job ends when Eb accidently plugs Tadpole (who is A/C) into D/C and blows out all the instruments and three of Tadpole's fillings!

Last night we saw the episode (93, I think) called Who is not going to the luau. Arnold wins a trip to Hawaii thanks to poi juice. What was the topping on the YUCK pizza?

A YUCK pizza has the following toppings... chocolate chips, raisins, sardines, sour cream, sliced pickles, and cherries.

What episode does Mr. Haney have a picture of a cow named “Beverly”. I think that episode also has Mr. Haney talking about a “mari-juana” and somehow I think it had to do with some kind of barrel.

The Marijuana of Rinkatoofoo? was the former owner of the small "sacred elephant" peddled by Haney for Lorrie's "coming out party". Haney showed-up later in the show... trying to give Lorrie an airplane ride. I see no barrels or pictures of cows named Beverly in that episode, though. (Episode 146-The coming out party-first aired 09/22/70)

In addition Haney is toting around an abstract painting of a cow by "Pablum Picarasso" in Episode 154 - Oliver's double (first aired 12/01/70).

Can you please give me the entire meal that came out of Dee Dees' dehydrated Mason Dixon Southern fried chicken dinner?

It contained fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and for pie.  Yum Yum!

What's the name of the city near Hooterville they were always visiting?

If anyone inquires about Pixley, the town people would have to drive into on the Green Acres show, the story goes as such. This was told to me by Eddie Albert himself.

He said one of the producers was traveling through Hwy 99 in central California and went through a little town called Pixley (between Fresno and Bakersfield). The town resembled closely the town spoken of in the Green Acres show. He then decided to use the name of Pixley on Green Acres. (This story was provided by Pastor David Vivas)

When and where did Green Acres originally air?

September 1965-September 1968 Wednesday 9:00-9:30
September 1968-September 1969 Wednesday 9:30-10:00
September 1969-September 1970 Saturday 9:00-9:30
September 1970-September 1971 Tuesday 8:00-8:30
Nielsen Ratings:
#11 in the 1965-1966 Season
#6 in the 1966-1967 Season
#16 in the 1967-1968 Season
#19 in the 1968-1969 Season

What were the words on Oliver's Birthday card? And how about Arnold's?

The card that Oliver gets from his mother says:

Happy Birthday, oh son o’ mine, Hope this finds you well and fine, The joys you brought me all through life, Never any sorrow, never any strife, And now you’re married, and have a wife, Happy Birthday, oh son of mine.

The card for Arnold that Haney reads goes:

Happy Birthday, oh pig o’ mine, Hope this finds you, well and fine, The joys you brought me all through life…

Oliver interrupts him at this point.

Haney claims it’s written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Later, Oliver gets a card from Eb:

Happy Birthday, oh boss o’ mine, Hope this finds you well and fine…

Finally, Oliver gets a card from Arnold:

Happy Birthday, oh cheapskate o’ mine, Hope this finds you well and fine…

What was that speech Lisa told Ralph about getting married to Oliver? Something about getting her driver's license, but marrying Oliver because it was cheaper? Could you find that whole speech for me?

"Mr. Douglas didn't know I was going to marry him until we went to the license bureau. He thought I was going to get a driver's license. But then I explained it to him that a driver's license costs $5, and the marriage license costs $2, so if he marries me, he'll save $3. And then, of course, I could drive his car."

Can you tell me which episode has Eb talking to Oliver and Eb's mouth is not synched to his voice (voice comes too late, then he slaps himself and then its too early, then another slap and its synched and then asks Oliver for an aspirin because he has a headache)?

"Never Start Talking Unless Your Voice Comes Out" Episode 54

Can you tell me which episode it is where the Monroe Brothers get "Carpentry by" credits and Oliver looks into the camera and yells "They don't get credits!!!"?

"Never Start Talking Unless Your Voice Comes Out" Episode 54

I have been looking for a clip from an early episode, which I'm almost sure is from season 1. There is an episode that starts with Eb milking Eleanor (or maybe just walking near her) and he's humming the show's theme! Then he "sings" in a Lisa-like voice "Dahling I love you but give me Park Avenue." Do you know which show it's in? My guess is either #12, #26 or #28.

#22 "The Day of Decision"

Which episode featured Arnold having a paper route and pulling a little red wagon with newspapers?.

#82 Arnold, boy hero (first aired 01/31/68)

At the end of episode #33, Wings Over Hooterville, Oliver kisses Lisa and Lisa says something in Hungarian that Eb asks Oliver to translate (To which Oliver replies "Get your own Hungarian!"...What did she say?

"You are not a good pilot, but I love you."

Which episode did the young children hold up signs for their organization and get the acronym in the wrong order?

Episode #84 - My Mother, the Countess-The children are from the Hooterville Young People’s Agricultural Society (HYPAS). They stand in the wrong order and cheer "Society – People's – Young – Hooterville – Agricultural!"

In which episode was there a chicken that played a tiny piano?

Chloe the chicken played her piano in Episode #41 The Hooterville image (first aired 11/16/66)
UPDATE: Episode 108 "Everywhere a Chick Chick" (1/8/69) Mr. Haney shows off a chick, Vera, that plays a tiny piano.

Did Eva ever create a Lisa Douglas-style wig for her company?

Although Eva created many wigs for her company Eva Gabor Wigs, which was a multi-million dollar business, she never created a Lisa Douglas style wig.

What was the brand of the checkered coat that Eb always wore?

Tom Lester used to wear the ORIGINAL coat from the series at his public appearances! Unfortunately, there are no brand identification labels in the coat. All Tom knew for sure is that it was provided by Western Costume in LA.

In which episode was the term "Serving Wrench" used?

Episode 155 - The high cost of loving (first aired 12/08/70)(TVLand #154)

Which episode had Mr. Haney's showing off the mobile computer on his truck?

In episode 125 - Four of Spades (first aired 11/08/69) after Eb left to plug songs for Tadpole Talbot, Mr. Haney says he will use the “services of the Haney Computatater” to find a new hired hand for Mr. Douglas. Haney explains, “My machine is a combination of an old computer and a new potato peeler. Hence—computatater.” We see Mr. Haney using a punch card, but we do not get to see the computatater itself.

In episode 159 - The Free Paint Job (first aired 01/05/71) Mr. Haney arrives with a sign on his truck "Haney's School of Mail Order Accounting" "The student gets this modern electronic computing machine" (basically an abacus with a wire attached to it)

In episode 133 - Rest and Relaxation (first aired 01/10/70) Bob Cummings comes to the farm to relax. He takes Oliver's car for a drive and has a flat tire. Mr. Haney shows up to change it, but has to issue a Haney's Auto Club card...from the mobile computer on his truck.

Which episode does Lisa, toward the beginning of the show, refer to the "Irish Settlers"?

In episode 65 - Love comes to Arnold Ziffel (first aired 09/20/67)

I recall an episode were Haney was trying to sell Oliver bushel baskets with fake bottoms that where used to smuggle marijuana Haney said. What episode might this may have been?

In episode 152 - Apple picking time (first aired 11/17/70)(TVLand #151)

What episode did Oliver fly to Washington D.C. with Arnold? It was the one where the plane they were flying in was a an old C-47 (DC-3) that had benches that ran down the inside length of the fuselage. At one point, Oliver said that he was flying with "a stupe, a jerk, and a pig who thinks he is the Red Baron." He also asked if the flight was sanctioned by the FAA." To which the other guy asked, "the who?"

#111 "Economy Flight to Washington" (2/12/1969)
Oliver, Lisa, Mr. Kimball, Eb--and Arnold--head to the airport. Airport terminal sign reads: Trans Pixley Airlines -- The Route of the Seagulls

At the airport, Oliver looks at Ed, Mr. Kimball and Lisa and asks, "Well where's the rest of the group? You're the whole group! A nut, a ding-a-ling, and a pig that thinks he's the Red Baron?"

Cashier says, "Washington. They have all those historical monuments! The Statue of Liberty. Bunker Hill. The Eiffel Tower." He sells Oliver and Lisa 2 tickets to Washington, economy flight: $104

The airline started flying "last week"

Mr. Kimball, Eb and Arnold (dressed as the Red Baron) board the plane. After the stewardess complains about "a pig", Oliver and Lisa board to find Arnold...and then the plane takes off. (seats are benches which run the length of the plane)

Can you tell me in which episode Lisa "made" raw schpaghetti?

In episode 55 - The Beverly Hillbillies (first aired 03/01/67)

What episode had Oliver and Lisa going back to New York. Oliver is in big social demand and the women all want him to move back. As do his law partners. Then they go to party in Greenwich Village and it's so crowded, Lisa can't get in the door but Oliver can. She realizes she likes the country life now. Not sure if the show ever says exactly what type of lawyer Oliver was back in New York. Probably not a tax attorney or a criminal defense lawyer, but maybe a business lawyer of some sort. It would be difficult for any successful criminal defense lawyer Dayton or New York to give up his practice and move to the country.

In episode 87 - Oliver's jaded past (first aired 03/06/68)

The women mistake Oliver for "Mr. Cummings."

His former partner says, "Oliver, have you thought of coming back to the firm and living here again?"

Oliver enters a door to a crowded party and Lisa says, "What about me?"

Which flood or dam break did they show footage of in the episode where the stork visited the Douglas's? I was wondering if it was footage of the Teton Dam disaster. (The episode contained a dream sequence where Lisa was pregnant and Oliver was very inept at getting her to the hospital. They had a bunch of kids. I've never seen this one before. There was a sequence where their house and others houses floated by. This is where it switched to actual video.)

In episode 39 - The Good Old Days (first aired 11/02/66), a lot of stock footage was used to show events from the past. Unfortunately, no information about the stock footage was included in the credits, so we'll never know.

Could you please tell me which episode had the Monroe Brothers splicing Sam Drucker's phone wires backwards, so he had to talk into the ear piece and listen through the mouth piece?

In episode 131 - Beauty is skin deep (first aired 12/27/69)(TVLand #125). Lisa opens a "cosmetetical" business. Ralph Monroe saws a wooden plank while helping build an area in Drucker's Store for her to sell her products.

Drucker: "Hello? Hello? What's the matter with this ding-blasted phone?"

We learn that Ralph sawed through the phone wire.

Ralph reassures him, "Don't get uptight. We're not gonna charge you for it."

Later, after hundreds of cartons arrive from Lady Love Cosmetics at Druckers for Lisa, Mr. Drucker picks up the phone. "Hello Sarah? Get me...Hello? Hello?"

"Those darn Monroe Brothers! They spliced the wires backwards!"

"Hello. Sam Drucker. Get me the Douglas Farm."

"I'm talking into the receiver and listening in the mouthpiece."

Who designed all of Eva Gabor's outfits on the show?

In season one, the designer was Jean Louis…afterwards it was Nolan Miller.

Who is Arnold's favorite cowboy star?

In the episode "Home is Where You Run Away From," Arnold says that it is Monty Blue.

How many Christmas episodes did GREEN ACRES have? Was it just the one that starts with Oliver & Lisa buying a tree in New York? And what other holiday episodes were there?

Six episodes that ran on--or before--Christmas Day:
#14 "What Happened in Scranton?" (12/22/65)
#45 "An Old Fashioned Christmas" (12/21/66)
#77 "No Trespassing" (12/20/67)
#104 "How to Get From Hooterville to Pixley Without Moving" (12/25/68)
#131 "Beauty if Skin Deep" (12/27/69)
#157 "Charlie, Homer and Natasha" (12/25/70)

In the 1965 show, Lisa goes out wearing a short-sleeved skirt. Oliver dresses in red vest). No Christmas tree.

The 1966 episode is, of course, devoted to Christmas. Harry is selling Christmas trees in New York. Oliver, however, prefers to have an old-fashioned Christmas. Lisa says, "It's 81 degrees, and snowing in New York. They're skiing on Park Avenue!"

The 1967 episode, Lisa wears a red sleeveless dress to Drucker's Store. She wears a green house dress and green earrings. Oliver wears a green vest. Then they go on a picnic and Lisa is seen wearing white sunglasses to block the sun. No Christmas tree.

The 1969 episode, Lisa opens a "cosmetetical" business. She wears a short yellow dress wwhen she goes outside. No Christmas tree.

Do you know what episode contains references to a "Koskioski" (Maybe "Koskiusco" day? I remember it starts with Oliver wanting to go into Drucker's store, Lisa tells him it is closed because it is a Holiday- Koskioski Day- some Hungarian hero?? Much later in the episode he goes to town but Sam can't sell him what he wants because of the holiday.

#88 The Hungarian Curse (first aired 03/13/68). Lazlo, who had saved Lisa's uncle by hiding him in a wine barrel during the war, shows up to "collect" on the "debt" by asking for a job. He bunks with Eb and the next day neither Eb or Lazlo will work because it's Koskioski day. Oliver tries to send Lazlo home but the Cannonball isn't running because it's a holiday. Lisa uses sauerkraut juice to make the hot cakes in celebration of Koskioski day, too.

In what episode does Lisa appear in a completely different dress within the same scene? There was obviously some technical difficulty with it failing to cover her anatomy a la 1960's and she's just standing there and suddenly is in a different dress.

In #45 "An old-fashioned Christmas" (first aired 12/21/66) towards the end of the episode, Lisa is wearing a bright red dress.

Her right shoulder sleeve has fallen down.

Lisa watches as Olvier lights their Christmas tree.

"It's beautiful, darling!" she says.

Then in the very next shot her right sleeve is back above her shoulder. And the Ziffels are at the door.

What breed of cow was Eleanor?

in Episode #81: How to Succeed on TV Without Really Trying, Dilly has programmed the "electronificated" barn door opener to respond to the moo of a Guernsey cow (Eleanor). And, the actual cow does appear to be a Guernsey.

What breed of chicken were Bertram and Alice?

They are both white leghorns

Do you know the name of the episode in which Lisa is cleaning her ring and saying HA, over and over?

This is from the third season, episode #64, “Lisa’s Jam Session”. While Oliver and Eb are playing chess, Lisa is sitting on the couch, blowing on a diamond bracelet and polishing it with a toothbrush. (She points out that you always get more money for clean diamonds in a prawn shop.)

What episode was Mr Haney trying to sell Oliver a horse and was singing, “There’s a traffic jam on the Chisolm Trail tonight, Martha”. And then later, “It’s so lonely in the saddle since my horse died”?

I believe there are two episodes mixed up here. Haney was trying to sell Oliver a horse in the episode "The Birthday Gift". He wanted to buy one for Lisa's birthday and ended up with Haney's talking horse.
The episode where Haney was riding the horse and singing about the Chisholm trail was "A Husband For Eleanor". Haney was "herding" the little bull named "Ole" (Olay) when he was singing this song.
Lisa's Vegetable Garden (#56)-Haney tries selling Nellie (won the 1961 Irish Sweepstakes had the winning number) for $300. Olliver buys the horse for $100

Trying to remember an episode in which every so often the camera would show a cute little mouse sticking its head out of its mouse hole. Finally, it slammed the door of said mouse hole! Which episode was it?

This was Episode #150 "The Great Mayoralty Campaign", from the sixth season. Towards the end of the episode, Oliver and Lisa have a big argument about the dirty campaign tactics, and Oliver gets mad and storms out the front door, slamming it behind him. Lisa says, "Bad riddance to good rubbish", and goes into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Then the mouse goes behind his mouse hole door, and slams it shut. Also, at the end of the episode, Ralph Monroe is riding on the horse, wearing a long blonde wig (like Lady Godiva), and we again see the mouse slam his door shut!

We were wondering if you knew in which episode of Green Acres Mr. Haney says something about the spelling the word fortuitous '4-2-0-2-S'

Episode 131 - Beauty is skin deep (first aired 12/27/69)(TVLand #125)

Which episode is Mr. Douglas & Eb playing chess and he keeps calling the pawns - prawns, and Mr. Douglas goes ape?

This is from the third season, episode #64, “Lisa’s Jam Session”.

There was an episode where Lisa had a part needed for the car or something of the kind where everyone seemed to know what this thing was, and I just can't remember what it was called, but it was something like a flapdoodle skewer???????? Does this ring any bells with you?
Additional info: The name of the episodes escapes me right now but it was Oliver that was working on the tractor and noticed that there was a part missing. A long rod about so long. Lisa had taken it off the tractor to make "hots kabobs" and was using it for a skewer. When Oliver went to Drucker's and asked if he could buy the part for the tractor Mr. Drucker said he couldn't help him. The only thing he had that sounded like what Oliver was looking for was a hot cake skewer. It ended up being exactly what he was looking for.

Episode 48 - His Honor (first aired 01/11/67) . Lisa used a connecting rod to Oliver's tractor. What she called it was a "hots kabob skewer".

Who said to Oliver about Lisa, "You either get a looker or a cooker," and which episode?

Episode 49 - It's so peaceful in the country (first aired 01/18/67): Oliver's mother comes to Hooterville to rest only to find that a tribe of Indians is having their annual powwow on the farm. The chief refuses to leave unless he can have Oliver's mother for his squaw. They have him test Lisa's hot cakes, which they indicate Oliver's mother made. He says, "Old squaw good looker, but rotten cooker."

In addition...Mr. Wheeler says that EXACT quote to Mr. Douglas in episode 153, Enterprising Eb (first aired 11/24/70).

Can you tell me what make/model and year of the car that Eb bought in "Not Guilty" was?

Click here for all the information you could possibly need to know about Eb's 1930 Ford Model A Standard Roadster.

I’m trying to figure out which episode includes Lisa making a cake from a mix. I seem to remember that she put all of the ingredients in a box, and then put the box in the oven. The company slogan was something like “you can’t make a boo-boo with bibbers.” Can’t seem to find this one.

That would be Episode 117 - The Milk Maker (first aired 03/26/69)

I was just wondering about an episode with a picture of the Beverly Hillbillies that that lit up when Oliver would turn off the bedroom light ? I know most of these episodes and which ones they were. This one I can't find or remember. Thanks for any help.

That would be Episode 107 - The Marital Vacation (first aired 01/15/69)

I remember a scene from a long time ago that intrigued me. I remember Eb came running home to talk to Oliver about something, the are outside and Eb runs in the house with Oliver following, the Eb comes is back outside and comes running in the door again, then Oliver goes out side and Eb comes out of the house again, this goes on a few minutes and the running gag is Eb keeps getting in and out of the house some way.

Would you happen to know what episode that scene is from?

There may be other episodes as well, but it happens once at the beginning of Episode #111, Economy flight to Washington (first aired 02/12/69), and much longer in episode 155, The high cost of loving (first aired 12/08/70).

Would you know of what brand name and the proper style name of the hat that Oliver Douglas always wore? It always had a little feather pin in it.

According to the, because the hat has a rope type band, instead of a ribbon, it is a Tyrolean style hat.

In the episode "Horse? What horse?" the doctor called in to check out Oliver is impressed by paintings in the Douglas farm. They are a Matisse, a Gauguin, a Renoir "and a small Rembrandt in the bathroom". The paintings in the living room, are they REALLY prints of existing Matisse, Gauguin, and Renoir paintings, or just studio props very cleverly painted in their styles? I noticed that the Mondrian might not be a Mondrian at all but a painting in that style. Was wondering about the other paintings.

No, the paintings were not originals, or even prints they were mock ups done by the art department in the style of the originals. See my example below:

Would you know which episode Lisa said this: Sometimes a women wonders why I married him why does it happen so often.

That would be "Charlie, Homer, and Natasha" (aired 12/22/70).

Do you recall off-hand what episode is was that Lisa Douglas referred to the booze Oliver kept on hand for "municipal porpoises?

That would be "LIsa's Vegetable Garden" (Season 2, episode 24, first aired 3/8/67)
Click here to watch the episode.

I want to know (if you know) what episode of "Acres" has this classic dialogue---of course I am paraphrasing here.....

Oliver: How come we haven't seen Arnold?
Lisa: Oh he is rehearsing for a play where he hopes to have a part.
Oliver: What play is that? "Porky and Bess"? Hahhahahaha
Lisa: No---"Pygmalion."

This was in the episode "A Star Named Arnold is Born" Part 2 (first aired 04/10/68), about 11 minutes in, and it's in reference to Arnold's "scream test".