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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Fan Parties
Yes, believe it or not, people have Green Acres Theme Parties! Even though I'VE never been invited to one...sniff, sniff...I thought I'd share these pics of some hardcore Hootervillonians.

The Sauk County, Wisconsin, Cooperative Extension office held a Halloween Party/Food Drive. They are an educational office that works in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin - Madison. They are located in Baraboo, WI and really know how to throw a bash.

In the front row, sitting in the conference room chairs: John Exo as Oliver in chair 1; Gretchen McCauley as Lisa; Liz Nevers as Doris Ziffel and Arnold Ziffel as himself.

The back row: Judy Lewis as Alf Monroe; Sue Nagelkerk as Ralph Monroe; Lynn Olson as Sam Drucker (sorry, we don't DO bald!)l Paul Dietmann as Hank Kimball; and Karl Hakanson as Mr. Haney.

They had a city of Hooterville...

Complete with a General Store...

"Manned" by Mr. Drucker...

And, of course, Arnold the pig!

The Crazy Critters Club of Portage County, won 1st place in the decorations contest at their County Fair.


Relay for Life event which was held June 10-11, 2005 in Elkton, KY.

Each team chose their favorite TV show to use as their theme. Naturally our choice was Green Acres!

As best as we could, we dressed like the cast. It was a lot of fun trying. We also created a banner that tied our business in with the show. Our campsite was set up as "Sam Druckers General Store". We sold bottled Cokes, candy, watermelon slices, and items which had been donated to our team. We also sold raffle tickets on a child's John Deere gator and a Farmall pedal tractor.

Our team won the prize for "Best Campsite" even though the "Beverly Hillbillies" team gave us some stiff competition! We are happy to report that our county raised over $84,000!!! This far exceeded our goal of $55,000.