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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Thirteen

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It's Oliver and Lisa's anniversary, and Lisa discovers a new way to cook hot cakes, which prove vital in a future episode. She pours the batter into one big square griddle, waits until the square stops "blooping," flips it over, then cuts out three round hot cakes using a pot cover. Despite receiving a hot cake with a candle in the center, Oliver pretends not to remember their anniversary. After informing Lisa that he was joking, he is forced to admit he doesn't recall how many years they've been married. Lisa brings out a photo from last year's anniversary to show Eb, and describes the events which caused them to spend that Anniversary in jail.

Last year, Oliver was tending his farm on the terrace, when he discovered he had "corn boarers." He informs Lisa that they cannot meet his mother and fifty friends at the Waldorf, he must contact the Secretary of Agriculture. He phones Washington, but can only get the Secretary's secretary's secretary's secretary's secretary who thinks Oliver is a crank call and hangs up. Oliver's mother arrives and when Oliver refuses to leave "his farm" to go to the party, his mother begins tossing potted corn plants off of the balcony. This of course lands them all in jail.

After the flashback, Oliver plans a big evening out for their Anniversary, but before they can dine at the Shady Rest, Eb informs Oliver that their wheat has "Wheat Stemmed Saw Flies." Oliver is frantic, he attempts to call the Secretary of Agriculture, but once again gets the same man from last year. The man still believes Oliver is a crank call. Oliver threatens him and gets arrested for "using the telephone to threaten a government official." Ironically, the penalty is 10 years (in jail), the exact length of time that the Douglas's have been married.

Oliver, pretending not to know it's their Anniversary,
is delighted to find a "hot cake warmer" in his meal

Lisa and Oliver's ninth year wedding Anniversary photo

Oliver and Lisa's previous address was 10,016 Park Avenue

Mr. Haney, in a moment of pure non-commercialism, gives the Douglas's a "genuine South American Rubber Plant" for their anniversary. He then tries to sell them a $3.95 priceless Grecian Urn to place it in.

In another emotional moment, Mr. Haney reads Lisa and Oliver a poem that he wrote (copies available for $.25, of course):

Happy Anniversary

Anniversaries come, but once a year,
bringing joy and good cheer.
Some are sad, some are funny...
Get on your TRUCK, Here's your MONEY!!!

(the last line was, of course, by Mr. Douglas)
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