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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Sixteen

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Mr. Watson, Oliver and Lisa's neighbor just "got social securitied." As a result, they decide to do the traveling that they've always wanted to do (to Pixley to see a big screen movie) and to sell their farm. Oliver leaps (or more accurately is pushed by Mr. Watson) at the chance to buy the additional 140 acres, but not without discussing it with Lisa first. Lisa HATES the idea, until she sees the Watson's house (not realizing that the Watsons are not including that in the sale), and tells Oliver to buy the farm.

Oliver must travel to New York to transfer some funds, and while he is away, Lisa sells the Watson's furniture to Mr. Haney, and has him move all of their furniture into what she believes is their new home. Oliver returns, learns of the misunderstanding, and has to buy back the Watson's furniture from The Elite Antique American High Priced Furniture Buyers (Mr. Haney, of course).

The show ends with the Oliver waking up the next morning and bumping his head on the telephone pole, which the phone company has replaced, right back in the middle of the bedroom. Lisa puts her fingers in her ears to drown out Oliver who cusses up a storm.

"Would YOU be interested in buying my farm, Mr. Douglas?"

Oliver prepares to go to New York to transfer some funds

Oliver's tractor is a "Hoyt-Clagwell"

Mr. Haney was so broken up when Mr. Douglas "forced him to sell" his farm that Mr. Haney cried for three days (Until the check cleared!)

To make Oliver feel at home in "their new house" Lisa fixes it so that the front door knob falls off of the Watson's place.

Mr. Haney refuses to "do business" with Mrs. Douglas because she barters incorrectly. When Mr. Haney goes down on his price, Lisa also goes down on her offer, instead of raising her offer to get closer to Mr. Haney's asking price.
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