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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
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If you were not among the few to see this 1990 CBS, made-for-tv, movie...consider yourself LUCKY! Although they were able to get together all of the still living cast, they were unable to put together an even remotely amusing script.

The film begins with the original Green Acres' theme song and opening, though in black and white (which it NEVER was in the actual series), in case the viewers are too stupid to figure out that a great deal of time has passed since the original series. The opening then turns to color with an added section to the theme song, during which time we learn that Doris and Fred Ziffel are dead, and that Eb has married some ugly nobody who pops out kids every five minutes.

The "plot" of the movie is as follows: After many years, Oliver and Lisa are disenchanted with their farm and Hooterville in general. Developers decide that Hooterville would be an ideal spot to build a huge industrial area, and hire Mr. Haney (who is downright EVIL in this film), to swindle the people of Hooterville into giving up their homes as cheap prices. Oliver and Lisa sell the farm and move back to New York, during which time Haney tricks the entire town into selling their homes. When everyone learns that Haney tricked them, they decide to travel to New York to get Mr. Douglas, to use his skills as a lawyer, to get their properties back. Naturally, Oliver fails, but fortunately, the two main characters--The Ziffels neice (oh brother!) and the evil land developers son (zzzzzzz!) fall in love. After the evil land developers son proposes to Ms. Ziffel (without even ever going out on a date), he decides to stand up to his father and help the people of Hooterville get their land back. Everyone tricks Haney and the land developer into thinking Hooterville is on an earthquake fault, and (appearently) the land developer just gives them all their land back (except of course for Mr. Douglas, who must pay Mr. Haney for his). The film ends "happily" (believe me, you are VERY happy when it ends), with Oliver and Lisa realizing they love Green Acres and Eb's wife pumping out THREE more children.

A promotional trade magazine advertisement

The main cast as they looked in 1990

Despite the fact that Eb has SEVERAL children, the oldest of whom seems to be 16ish, Daisy Ziffel tells the police that Arnold is five years old!

Lisa is finally able to drive the car

Mr. Drucker claims that Hooterville's zip code is 40516 and 1/2

At the end of the movie, the hooker, that Lisa and Oliver met in prison, asks the the three Hooterville boys (in their mid teens) to "wait up" and then runs to join them!
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