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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Twenty

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Oliver's apples are ripe for the picking. If he can get them to market first, he can sell them for $4.00 a bushel versus the $1.75 that the rest of Hooterville is content to receive. In addition, Oliver buys (for $1.75 a bushell) all of the apples from Newt Kiley, Fred Ziffel, and Ben Miller which he also hopes to sell for $4.00.

Eb gets some of the kids from his high school to help pick the apples, and after multiple failures to acquire a truck (Crabwell Corners' farmers had reserved them all), it turns out that the same high school kids had a truck which Oliver was able to use.

On the way to market, problem number one is a flat tire. Since the spare is under the several hundred crates of apples, this takes several hours to repair. During this delay, apple prices drop to $3.60.

Problem number two, Oliver is pulled over by the police (Mr. Kimball's cousin). It seems when he fixed his flat he left 112 boxes of apples on the side of the road some 40 miles back...oops! During the time it takes to go back and get them, apple prices drop to $2.60.

Final problem, the head gasket blows on the truck. It looks as if all is lost, but then it's Lisa to the rescue. While at Mike's Food, she shows the cook how to make hot cakes "Douglas style" (Fill the griddle with batter, smooth, wait until they bloop, flip, and cut out four perfect hot cakes with a "pots cover").

As it turns out the portion of the cooked batter that Lisa would normally discard, is exactly the same shape as the needed head gasket. Oliver installs the hot cake head gasket and gets his apples to market, just in time to receive the $1.75 per bushel that he would have received if he had waited to go with all the other farmers.

Lisa cooking hot cakes

Oh no, a blown head gasket...but wait, it looks just like...could it work?

Mr. Haney's truck is equipped with a refrigeration system (a block of ice, which works on the principle of "cold"), seat belts, individual windshield wipers, radar (a rotisserie), four wheel brakes, ejection seat, and a gyroscopic compass

Mr. Haney runs both the Transcontinental Refrigerated Apple Trucking Company and Haney's Rent a Truck
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