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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Twenty Two

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It's "D-Day" on Green Acres. Six months are up, and today is the day that Lisa decides if she will stay on the farm or if she and Oliver will return to New York. Through a series of flashbacks, Oliver and Lisa recall their time together on the farm. Lisa is very sorry to disappoint Oliver, but her answer is "no," she will not stay on the farm. An angry/disappointed Oliver packs while the people of Hooterville say their goodbyes.

Lisa changes her mind when she finds out that if they leave, Eleanor (the cow) will become "potsroast" and Alice (the chicken) will be fricaseed. Oliver is elated, once again he and Lisa barter to decide how long Lisa will stay on the farm. Once again, they decide on six months, and once again Oliver shakes her hand in excitement.

The show ends with Lisa finally getting the kiss she deserves for staying on the farm.

Mr. Haney plucks a chicken to see if "she will" or "she won't"

Lisa's decision warrants "an extra"

In order to "determine" whether Lisa will say "yes" or "no," the people of Hooterville use many unorthadox methods. Alf and Ralph take turns hammering in a nail (she will [wham], she won't [wham], etc), Joe and Sam play checkers, and Mr. Haney plucks a chicken.

In an effort to get Lisa to stay, Oliver buys her a shower curtain (when they first moved into their house, they thought the water closet was a shower, and he promised her he would buy a curtain for it)
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