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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Twenty Four

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Sam Drucker is taking a two week vacation, and everyone he asks to act as deputy sheriff during this period says no. Naturally, Oliver gets tricked into it.

He tries to give Mr. Haney a ticket for failing to have a license plate on his truck, but instead is ticketed himself, by Mr. Haney's nephew, Heston Haney, for having out of state plates. Later he is showing Lisa how the handcuffs work, and after locking him and Lisa together, discovers he has lost the key. After numerous attempts to find the key and get loose, Lisa unlocks the handcuffs with a hair pin, like she had seen in the movies.

The show ends with Oliver re-handcuffing himself to the kitchen table to try and open the cuffs with a hairpin and finding himself trapped, because he cannot do it.

Lisa tries not to disturb Henrietta, the pigeon on their pole

Oliver and Lisa drive to where Oliver thinks he last had the key to the handcuffs

All the ladies of Hooterville use "Teddy Roosevelt Pink" nail polish which sells for $.39 a gallon

Oliver's "deputy kit" consists of a badge, Wyatt Earp model handcuffs, handcuff keys, blank traffic citations, and a gun (with no bullets in it as Sam Drucker lost them)

Mr. Haney's first name is Charlton

Mr. Haney bought his infamous truck in 1922
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