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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Thirty Two

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Oliver's little nephew, Charles, comes to visit from Chicago.

Chuck turns out to be a motorcycle riding, long haired, hippie. Oliver dislikes him, especially when he calls Lisa, "Aunt Chick." He turns out to be very handy with engines, and Chuck soups up Oliver's never working tractor. Even this turns out bad as Oliver gets a $25.00 fine for driving 80 miles per hour. After incurring some damages to Mr. Haney's farm, Oliver offers to have Chuck fix Mr. Haney's truck's engine. Chuck soups up the truck by taking the engine out of Oliver's car. Mr. Haney then receives a fine for going 95 mph in a 1926 pick up truck, at the same time, Oliver, trying to get back his motor, receives a second fine for going 110 mph on a motorcycle.

Chuck decides that he must be going, but not before turning Eb into a long haired hippie.

Oliver's little nephew, Charles

A seldom seen peek into Eb's bedroom

Eb is influenced by Chuck's visit

Oliver uses Lisa's hot cake batter as mortar to build his fireplace

Oliver has a sister named Cynthia

Eb has a pet turtle named Eloise

In this episode, Lisa makes hot cake sandwiches (two hotcakes with one inbetween)
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