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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Forty One

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The people of Hooterville decide that Mr. Douglas doesn't fit in with "The Hooterville Image." They want him to wear overalls instead of one of his many suits.

Oliver doesn't get the town's subtle hints, so the farmers all dress in their fanciest clothes to show them how silly he looks. Oliver is a little mad, because he thinks that farmers are teasing him, but he agrees that he will wear overalls. Lisa tries to help him out and has her dress maker make him some overalls made out Italian silk, mink, and gold buttons with the Harvard Motto--Beat Princeton--on them. The farmers see Oliver wearing the fancy overalls and think that he is making fun of them, so they go back to wearing their fancy clothes.

The show ends with Oliver apologizing and showing everyone that he fits into the Hooterville image, as he now wears standard overalls. Unfortunately, while the other farmers were wearing their fancy clothes, their wives burnt the old overalls, because it was the first time ever that their husbands didn't look like slobs.

Oliver tries on the $150.00 overalls that Lisa's dress maker designed

Oliver owns twelve suits, three dozen shirts, and eight pairs of shoes

One of the Douglas's chickens, Chloe, plays the piano
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