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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Forty Eight

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Lisa borrows a rod from Oliver's tractor to make "hots-kebobs" (Hotscakes on a "screwer"). She refuses to give back the rod, unless Oliver eats her newest cooking attempt. Oliver opts to take the safe route and goes into town to buy a replacement rod.

At Drucker's, the gang is trying to replace Roy Trendell as the Livestock Judge at the County Fair, but nobody wants to do it. In walks Oliver, who is informed he's been "elected" as a judge. Oliver is proud to accept his appointed position (Unfortunately, he thinks it's as a REAL judge).

Lisa decides that they should travel to New York, so that Oliver can get some new judge clothes. Oliver thinks this is a good idea, as he can then recieve some advice from his old Harvard law professor.

Back in Hooterville, Roy Trendell announces he wants his livestock judge position back, so Mr. Drucker calls New York to tell Mr. Douglas that he's been demoted to "apple judge." Unfortunately, Lisa takes the phone message, and Oliver thinks that he's been promoted to the Court of Appeals. Lisa is so proud that she buys him a judge robe, a banger, and a wig.

When Oliver and Lisa return to Hooterville, Mr. Drucker hears about Oliver's incorrect assumption, and sends Mr. Kimball to tell Oliver that he is in fact, just an apple judge. Oliver is really disappointed, and half heartedly still agrees to be the apple judge at the county fair.

The show ends with Oliver being the hero after all! Thanks to his (Lisa's) idea of wearing actual judge attire-Haney, Fred Ziffel, and Roy Trendell feel that he's added a touch of dignity to an otherwise drab affair!

Lisa makes "hotscake kebobs."


Oliver tries on the judge clothes that Lisa bought him.


The other "judges" are excited to add some dignity to their positions.

In Pixley, there is a place that actually sells "hotscake kebobs." It's called Bob's Hotskebob's Stand.

Oliver's law professor at Harvard was Judge Crandell.

Oliver's professors thought that Oliver should become a plumber.

While visiting New York, Oliver and Lisa stayed at the Ritz Towers.
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