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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Fifty One

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Oliver discovers that their first year's profit on the farm is $16.42 and Lisa is very bored by the farming life.

Oliver suggests she take up a hobby, so she becomes the head of the Hooterville Human Humane Committee. After she makes Oliver sit on the floor while Minion sits in a chair, makes Newt stop selling his chicken's eggs, stops Mr. Trendell from duck hunting, snaps Mr. Drucker's fingers with a mouse trap, and stops everyone from committing "insecticide" (the destruction of the corn boar population by spraying), the town gets up a petition to get rid of Lisa.

Oliver intervenes by buying a mink coat and claiming that he must give it to Mrs. Ziffel, as it would be inappropriate to give an item made out of dead animals to the head of the Human Humane Committee. Needless to say, Lisa love of fur beats out her love for the actual animals.

Lisa proves that it is human to be humane


Lisa assures Oliver that her "friend" has promised not know!

The three most popular games in Hooterville are Scribble, Cabbage, and Monotony

The dog who would later star with Tom Lester (Eb) in the motion picture "Benji" appears in this episode
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