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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Fifty Six

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Oliver is upset that Lisa is still buying vegetables from Mr. Drucker's store and suggests that she does what every country wife does, grow her own.

Lisa consults Mr. Kimball on the the best methods for growing vegetables, but instead is provided with useless pamphlets like "What to do with vegetables you don't like." When it comes time for Lisa to plow her garden, and Oliver to plow the farm, the Hoyt Clagwell blows up. Oliver tries, unsuccessfully and painfully to plow the old fashioned way...via horse. Lisa on the other hand uses more expenditure-oriented methods. She buys a new $4,000.00 tractor. Later she hires Alf and Ralph as housboys/cooks at $150.00 a week, and she orders $980.00 worth of tools from Mr. Drucker. Oliver hits the roof and demands that she quit spending so much money on what was supposed to have been a simple vegetable garden.

The show ends several weeks later when Lisa shows Oliver her finely plowed vegetable garden which is actually nothing but dirt because in order to save money, she didn't purchase any seeds.

The opening credits appear on eggs

Oliver unsuccessfully tries to plow his fields by horse

Newt Kiley was the original owner of Arnold the pig. He sold him to Fred Ziffel after finding out that Arnold wasn't really a "barking pig"

The shows opening credits appear on eggs that the chickens have laid. When Lisa sees this, it sends her "looking for the booze"
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