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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Fifty Eight

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Mr. Haney sells the Ziffels a "Grabwell Washer" (a large waste barrel with a boat motor in it).

On it's first use, the Grabwell Washer literally destroys the Ziffel's house. Mr. Ziffel wants to shoot Mr. Haney, but Oliver suggests finding satisfaction in a court of law. During the court case Oliver makes it clear that this is not "an insulated isodent" and that Mr. Haney had been conning "the poople of Heeterville Valley" for quite some time.

Despite major nepotism (the first judge is Haney's cousin Leroy, the second judge is Haney's lawyer's Aunt Tilley), Mr. Haney loses the case, and is sentenced to pay $250.00 to the Ziffels.

He first tries to pay this off in merchandise which the County Tax Assessor (his cousin, Joe) has appraised, but when Mr. Douglas deems this as unacceptable, Mr. Haney holds an auction. Miraculously, Mr. Haney makes over $800.00 for his junk, thanks mostly to, of course, Mrs. Douglas's purchase of a grandfather clock that was supposedly, previously owned by Abraham Lincoln's neighbor, Lester Henderson.

The show ends with Lisa demonstrating to Oliver an item she received in trade from Mr. Haney...a Grabwell Whirlpool Bath.

Fred Ziffel catches the opening credits going by!

They never explain why Oliver is examining ears of corn with a jeweler's loupe...but it makes for a great picture.

Fred and Doris prepare to use their new Grabwell Washer.

The "Poople of Heaterville" celebrate a victory over Mr. Haney!

Mr. Haney carried several Grabwell products:
The Grabwell Washer
The Grabwell Coffee Grinder
The Grabwell Bearcat (A sports car)
The Grabwell Whirlpool Bath

According to Lisa, in the city, Oliver would recieve $5000.00 for a trial case. In the country however, Oliver decides to charge the Ziffel's only $25.00 (Which Fred tries to dicker down to $5.50)
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