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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Sixty One

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Lisa wants to go to the opening of the opera season in New York, but Oliver is too busy.

While fixing a hole in the roof, Oliver accidently drops a hammer which hits Lisa on the head and gives her amnesia. Oliver is very concerned. Lisa does not know who she or Oliver is (strangely she does know who Mr. Kimball is), in addition, she seems to think that she is dating someone named Mr. Fredericks, who is going to take her to the opera.

Lisa's doctor recommends that Oliver courts Lisa, as if they had never met. Oliver buys her caramels and flowers, and he takes her to the opera "Aida." While at the opera, Lisa leans over the balcony to waive at her imaginary friend Harvey, falls out of the balcony, bangs her head again, and is cured.

The show ends when Oliver hits his head on the sink, forgets who he is, and leaves to go bowling with Mr. Fredericks.

Lisa getting struck by the hammer that Oliver dropped

Lisa falling out of her opera booth

While suffering from amnesia, Lisa cooks perfect eggs benedict, and biscuits so light that they floated in mid-air

In Hooterville, caramels are sold twelve pounds for $.50 or twenty-four pounds for $.80. They come in three flavors: chocolate, licorice, and chili
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