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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Ninety

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While in Drucker's store, Oliver and Lisa meet Mrs. Mullen, a new arrival in Hooterville. Almost immediately after meeting her another new arrival is announced...the baby that Mrs. Mullen was expecting. Lisa volunteers to watch after Mrs. Mullen's children while Oliver rushes Mrs. Mullen to the hospital.

When Oliver gets back home, he finds they are now babysitting the SIX Mullen children. Since kids need real food, and Lisa obviously can't provide THAT...they bring in Ralph to help with the cooking.

After a week of Oliver getting shot with toy arrows, the kids breaking dishes, Oliver being forced to sleep on the floor, and everyone getting lost at the drive in, it's finally time for the kid's to return home.

Lisa is sad, and Oliver admits he enjoyed having their little "instant family" as well. As it turns out, the "family" gets to stick together a little longer, as the children all caught the mumps from Ralph!

The Mullen kids...John (in orange), Terry (in dark stripes), Eric (red head), Kenny (in bright stripes), Bruce (the blonde), and Molly (the girl).

Oliver inadvertantly "plays" with the kids.


Ralph helps Lisa with meals for the kids.

Fun at the drive in.

Eb calls Green Acres "The Sweatshop on the Hill"

Dennis Pepper, son of Barbara Pepper (Mrs. Ziffel) stars as the inern at the hospital.

Lisa serves the kids caviar sandwiches

Ralph claims not to be much of a cook (in one episode, she says she can't cook at all, in another one, she's the greatest cook in the world)
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