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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode One

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Announcer, John Daly, introduces us to the Douglas family, Oliver Wendell and Lisa. They live on Park Avenue in Penthouse "B." Mr. Daly provides us with a brief summary of Oliver's life. Born in Saratoga Springs, named after the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, no clear pictures exist of him prior to the age of 14, when Oliver's father finally learned how to aim the camera properly.

Oliver was forced into Harvard Law School by his parents, when he graduated he quickly earned an associate position with the prestigious law firm of Judson Carter Feltlon, Bart Turner O'Connell, Vincent Roland Clay, Carter James Blakely, John Wilson Harmon, Brian Albert Dillon, and Michael Astin Pastor. Eight weeks later, he was caught growing mushrooms in his desk drawer and fired. He soon found "employment" via the draft board. After his stint in the army, he began a more successful career as a full fledged lawyer.

Despite the prestige of being an attorney and living in expensive penthouses, Oliver yearns for the life of a farmer (He had been born on a farm because his father didn't want to miss the last race at Sarasota--two days later, they moved). Lisa suggests he grow crops on their terrace to get a feel for farming. This appeases Oliver until he is sent on business, for one week, to Chicago, where he buys "The Haney Place," which he had seen advertised in The Farm Gazette.

When Lisa learns of the farm purchase she is devastated. Mom asks her to dump Oliver and come live with her (it turns out that it is OLIVER'S mother). Lisa decides it best to be loyal to her husband, and, with a little bartering, agrees to try out the farm for six months. The episode ends with Lisa in tears as she first lays eyes on "Green Acres."

Meet Oliver Wendell Douglas and, his wife, Lisa

Young Oliver Wendell Douglas is informed, by his father,
that he wants to be a lawyer

Oliver's first attempt at farming

Before moving to Hooterville, Oliver and Lisa had nine different New York addresses. Oliver hated them all for very different reasons:

East 62nd Too noisy
East 54th Too crowded
East 37th No sunshine
5th Avenue No privacy
East 62nd No fresh air
Sutton Place Too expensive
Madison Avenue Too snooty
Central Park Too far downtown
Park Avenue Too far uptown

Green Acres, as advertised in The Farm Gazette, consisted of 160 acres.

Hooterville is located "near" Chicago. To get there, change planes twice, take the bus from the County Seat to Pixley, then simply take the train (Cannonball) to Hooterville!

When Lisa agrees to try the farm for six months, Oliver is so excited that he shakes her hand.
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