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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Eleven

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Oliver decides to plant all 160 acres of his farm with wheat in order to maximize his profits. However, according to The Crabwell Corners Conservation and Stabilization Committee since Mr. Haney only grew eight acres of wheat in the 1958/1959 season, Oliver can only grow eight acres of wheat this season. Mr. Douglas goes into one of his typical tirades. He calls a meeting, organizes a petition, and calls Washington to protest.

Mr. Haney in an unusually charitable gesture, sneaks in Mr. Douglas's wheat seeds and is prepared to take up arms against the National Guard in what he refers to as "The Seige of Green Acres." As it turns out, Oliver can grow as much wheat as he would like. It turns out that the "wheat penalties" law had been abolished in 1953, and the Conservation and Stabilization committee was just a little behind on reading their mail.

The show ends with Lisa explaining to Oliver how she is having a problem with the washing machine...It seems when she put in the table cloth, she forgot to take off the dishes!

A sexy, scantily clad Lisa emerges from the outdoor shower

One of Oliver's many front page photos in the Hooterville World Guardian

Mr. Haney takes up arms in "The Seige of Green Acres"

In one scene, Oliver is taking a shower outdoors. He drops the soap, looks around nervously, puts on a bathrobe and goes to retrieve the soap. Upon re-entering the shower though, his robe drops open, and he is CLEARLY wearing a pair of white bathing trunks underneath.

Oliver plans on growing 160 acres of wheat. This will take 6000 pounds of seed and yield 4000 bushels of wheat. The expected first year profit for Oliver and Lisa's farm is $7,730.00 (or 1 and 1/2 mink coats)

We are informed that in this episode, Oliver and Lisa have been on the farm for six weeks
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