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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Ten

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The Clarkson Case has finally come up for trial, and Oliver's old boss, Judson Carlton Felton needs Oliver's help, since it was Oliver who did the original preliminary briefs. Unfortunately, despite several efforts, he can't reach Oliver on the phone.

The Douglas's do have a phone, unfortunately, the phone company ran out of wire, so it's not connected. As luck would have it, Oliver finds out that Sarah, the owner of the phone company, is Mr. Kimball's mom, and asks Mr. Kimball if he could help get their phone hooked up. Even though Mr. Kimball and his mom don't talk anymore (Because she wouldn't let him get a dog a week ago), Mr. Kimball agrees to bury the hatchet with Sarah.

Sarah is so grateful that Oliver has gotten her son to talk to her, that the next day, Oliver and Lisa find themselves with a brand new working phone... on top of a pole...outside their bedroom window.

Mr. Felton comes to visit and ends up falling off of the pole and threatening to sue Oliver.

The show ends with Oliver re-affirming his pleasure at his decision to move out of the rat race and into the peaceful country.

Oliver and Lisa finally get a working phone

Oliver receives his very first phone call on the farm
(A wrong number)

The phone number for Mr. Drucker's store is "Hooterville 297 Ring 2."

The phone number for Oliver's old law office is "Plaza 36098."

Mr. Kimball's mom, Sarah, owns the phone company.
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