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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Thirty Eight

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Everyone is worried about Mr. Douglas. It seems that no matter what things happens, he know longer loses his temper.

Finally, something comes along that causes him to explode...The State Farm Unattached Duty Tax. No one knows what it's for. Oliver decides to contact his Assemblyman, but it turns out that in 1922 everybody missed the election, so Hooterville has been without government representation for over 40 years. Oliver takes a trip to the state capital, meets with the Governor, and works out a deal where the people of Hooterville will get a refund of all taxes paid during that unrepresented time.

Oliver returns to a hero's welcome. The show ends with the people of Hooterville threatening to tar and feather Oliver, it seems that the government has billed the town $3,498,000.22 for services that it rendered in the last 40 years.

Mr. Haney offers to sell state capital souvenirs at half price

The luxurious hotels that are located in the state capital are Ragwood Plaza, Eel Astoria, Kangaroo Hilton, and the Glowney House

According to Eb, the tax assessment was $3,498,000.22. This figure divided up amongst all of Hooterville's citizens comes up to $600,000 a person. This means that the population of Hooterville is approximately six.

Hooterville is located in "The Kangaroo State"
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