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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Forty Five

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It's Christmas time in Hooterville, and Oliver wants nothing more than an old fashioned Christmas. It seems however, that he is the only one that knows how to truly celebrate Christmas. Everyone else is buying plastic trees with geniune spruce spray, automatic oozers, wax popcorn strings, fibreglass candy canes, and bags of plastic pine needles to clog up their vacuums.

To make matters worse, when Oliver goes to fulfill his dream of cutting down his own Christmas tree, he discovers that it's illegal because of the State Forest Conservation Law.

Fortunately with the help of Mr. Kimble (who gives him a tree chopping permit) and Mrs. Ziffel (who teaches Lisa how to make fruitcake), it looks like it will be an old fashioned Christmas after all.

On Christmas Eve, the whole Hooterville gang drop in to see a real Christmas tree and sing songs, but unfortunately, Lisa scares them all off when she offers them some of her homemade fruitcake.

Lisa and Oliver enjoy a perfect Christmas Eve by themselves though, courtesy of some well placed mistletoe and Mr. Haney sitting on the roof, throwing soap flakes in front of the window as Lisa's gift to Oliver.

Lisa makes a fruitcake from, of course, hotcake batter!


Lisa strings the corn, while Eb untangles the Christmas lights.


A real tree for Christmas.


Lisa's gift to Oliver...snow.

Oliver made a sink stopper out of a hotcake and a handle glued on with coffee.

This Christmas, Arnold is almost three years old.

Since they are bachelors, Hank Kimball and Sam Drucker always spend Christmas Eve together.

In Hooterville it was 81 degrees on Christmas Eve

Lisa bought Oliver a transistorized necktie and got Mr. Haney to "make it snow" for Oliver for Christmas.
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