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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Forty Six

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It's time for Oliver to plant tomatoes, but who should he trust for his weather reports?

WPIXL-TV uses Mildred, the little old lady in the house, while WTBZF radio uses Walter, the singing weather man. One predicts rain, the other predicts drought. Oliver decides to go on his own instincts and plants his tomatoes, only to have to pull them all out that evening due to frost!

The next day, Mr. Kimball points out that "Richard Poor's Almanac" by Franklin Benjamin, had predicted the frost...and that today would be the day for Oliver to plant his tomatoes.

Oliver decides to be more scientific though, and verifies with the United States Weather Bureau in Washington, that the future was bringing warm weather. Oliver convinces the valley that it's okay to plant.

Unfortunately, everybody is wrong, and the next night is the coldest one of the year. The entire valley will lose their crops if something isn't done.

Lisa ends up saving the day though...They use her "Crepe Suzettes" (Hot cakes set on fire) as smudge pots to keep the plants warm and save everybody's crops.

Half of Hooterville relies on Mildred the weather girl for their weather info.


While the other half rely on Walter, the singing weather guy.


Lisa saves Oliver's crop with her "Crepe Suzettes"

WPIXL-TV broadcasts the little old lady live from the top of Beuly's Car Wash.

According to Lisa, Bob Hope used to make jokes about smudge pots.

Mr. Haney is an inventor, he invented the Automatic Tomato Planter, unfortunately, he can't get Oliver to invest in it.

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