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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Six

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Oliver's mother has sent their furniture to Hooterville, and is coming for a visit. But in normal Douglas fashion, nothing is ever easy.

The letter she sent to Oliver never gets delivered, since the post office is a class D-1 post office (Part post office, part general store. Which means they don't have to deliver mail or groceries).

The furniture gets delivered to the NEW Haney place, instead of the old Haney place.

And the telegram that Oliver's mother sent, telling him of her arrival, never shows up at all, leaving her to try to get to Green Acres on her own.

In the end, the furniture gets delivered properly (By Mr. Haney for a reasonable charge of course), and Oliver's mom ALMOST gets to Green Acres. She would have made it, if not for Newt Kiley's bull!

Oliver's mom arrives in Hooterville

A glance inside the home of Mr. Haney

Joe Carson trying to earn some extra income

The furniture finally arrives!

A sexy Lisa and a happy Oliver at the end of a long day

Oliver's tractor is a Hoyt-Clagwell. The Hoyt-Clagwell company went out of business 40 years ago, because Mrs. Hoyt and Mrs. Clagwell couldn't get along. Since then, Hoyt went into the wax fruit business, and Clagwell went to the county seat.

In this episode, Mr. Haney whips out several colloquialisms (since that's how city folks expect country folks to talk). They were:
"You're prettier than a little red wagon going up a steep hill."

"Every time I see you, it reminds me of a speckled hen sitting under a little green wagon."

"You're as thoughty as a bluebird flying over a tumbled down yellow barn."

And finally..."Learning to like wallpaper is like pushing a purple straw hat through a keyhole."
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