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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Seven

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Lots of problems and lots of solutions in this episode. Oliver needs to get his fields plowed before the planting season ends in three weeks, but it's going to take more than three weeks to get a plow delivered from Mr. Drucker's store. Joe Carson needs $15.00 for a shotgun, but he has no money, and duck season is quickly approaching!

Joe secretly comes up with a solution for both of their problems! He tells the farmer's of Hooterville that Mr. Douglas is hosting a plowing contest, complete with free lunch and valuable prizes! With the $1.00 entrance fee he charges the farmer's, Joe is able to buy his shotgun. However, Mr. Douglas is shocked when the farmer's show up, and since he doesn't have any prizes, he explains to the farmer's that Joe has tricked them.

In typical Hooterville fashion, Oliver's neighbors say that they knew Joe was scamming them (he always did!), and that if Oliver needed his fields plowed, all he had to do was ask (and give them free lunch)!

Now there were two new problems! How could Lisa cook lunch for 75 people AND get Mrs. Ziffle and Mrs. Miller to stop arguing about who cooked the best fried chicken? The solution is obvious...Lisa holds a little contest of her own, with the prize being their leopard skin couch.

Oliver tries to dress without waking up Lisa

Oliver "fixes" the porch railing

Joe's flyer for Oliver's plowing contest

Lisa describes Hotcakes to her mother-in-law as "They are little cakes, you put them on the girdle, and make them hot."

Oliver claims that his mother always introduces him to people as "Her attorney."

Mrs. Ziffel is awestruck by the beautiful furniture in the Douglas's home, and says that it's "Just like Kansas City!"

Mrs. Miller beats Mrs Ziffel in the fried chicken making contest.
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