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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Sixty Nine

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Eb is fed up with being an operator at the Hooterville Phone Company and quits.

Mr. Douglas hires Carmelita, an migrant worker from the picking pool that he gets from Mr. Whothe (Who the?!?). Soon she also becomes fed up and quits, leaving a frustrated Mr. Douglas with no choice but to sell the phone Mr. Haney.

Mr. Haney gouges the residents of Hooterville by charging $.50 for information (ANY information) and re-zoning the valley so that all calls are now toll calls. Mr. Haney's poor phone service causes the farmers not to be able to get pickers for their crops, and the valley decides that Haney can either pick their crops or get tarred and feathered.

The show ends with the valley giving the phone company back to a dismayed Oliver.

Mr. Kimball examines Oliver's tomatoes to see when they'll be ready to pick.

Eb shows Oliver a tomato that is ripe for the picking!

Carmalita seems qualified to operate the switchboard.

In the end, Oliver STILL owns the phone company, where "ervice is ur mott"

June Foray, the voice of many characters on Rocky and Bullwinkle, plays Carmelita

Lisa cooks hot water soup

A full page ad in "The World Guardian" costs $8.00
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