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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Seventy One

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Oliver is furious that for the third year in a row he has received a $96.00 bill from The East River Van and Storage Company.

Lisa doesn't remember what it is she stored, so Oliver demands they send it to him. A crate arrives and it turns out to be a genuine Latislav Stavinsky Bird Bath that Lisa had bought for Oliver's birthday. Oliver becomes annoyed with the bird bath as the cat scarer and the wind whistling through the pipes keeps waking him up (the bumps on his head every time he walks out the front door doesn't help either), and when he finds out that the County Museum would kill for a genuine Stavinsky, he is quick to donate the item.

Sadly, the item is a fake, however the museum agrees to take the piece if Oliver will donate the "Karl Marx is a hothead" Dooley Hickens which is on the crate the faux Stavinsky arrived in.

The show ends with Lisa shocking Oliver with his replacement birthday present...A lifesize replica of the Eifel Tower made out of wire hangers by La Touche.

Mr. Bennet from the museum discovers that Oliver's Stavinsky is a fake

Latislav Stavinski always used 3/4 inch pipe (never 1/2 inch)

La Touche is most famous for his Leaning Tower of Pisa made out of paper clips
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