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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Nine

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It's time for the farmer's to decide what crops they'll be planting this year. Oliver uses the scientific method and based on the Department of Agricultures reports, decides to plant wheat.

In the meantime, "the fooz blew" because Lisa can't understand that the generator works on the principal of seven...meaning that the total value of the items that she plugs into the wall cannot equal more than seven. Oliver seems to have it all explained to her, and Lisa, realizing she can't plug in the coffee pot (which is a two) with the refrigerator (which is a six) ends up melting the electric coffee pot to the stove while trying to make coffee!

Oliver goes into Drucker's to buy his wheat seed (and a new coffee pot) and finds out that all the other farmers are determining their crops based on their wives' aches and pains.

Since Doris Ziffel has Lumbago, the valley has decided to plant corn. Oliver explains to them how silly this is when there is so much scientific data available to the farmers, but eventually, he falls in with the crowd and gets pressured into returning his wheat seeds for corn.

Disaster strikes though when Lisa visits the "ailing" Mrs. Ziffel and finds out that she has been faking her Lumbago to get out of having to slop the pigs. This news puts the valley into a tizzy with all the farmers changing their seed orders over and over based on other aches and pains.

Eventually they all agree to plant potatos, based on a combination of their aches and pains and Oliver's scientific method. It seems the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture has a cold, which guarantees a strong potato crop.

Oliver explains the "Principal of Seven" to Lisa

Lisa discovers that you can't use the electric coffee pot on the stove

Mrs. Ziffel admits that she's just faking her Lumbago

The farmers determine which crop to plant based on aches and pains:
  • Lumbago=corn
  • Cranky spells=soybeans
  • Knots on head (Wheat bumps)=wheat
  • Swollen ankles=carrots
  • Headache=asparagus
  • Cold=potatos
In this episode, Lisa meets Arnold for the very first time. She doesn't think that Arnold likes her, however, it turns out that she is just sitting in his favorite chair.
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