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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Eight

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Mr. Douglas needs to start planting his farm, or he's going to miss the planting season. Unfortunately, his soil samples never make it to State University as Mr. Kimball accidently broke all of them when he tried to mail them.

Oliver takes new samples and intends to bring them up to State University himself, but unbeknownst to Oliver, Mr. Carson accidently knocks over the samples and spills them.

Eunice Douglas thinks that this is the perfect chance to get her son to return to New York, so she mixes the soil samples with items from her cosmetic bag.

When Oliver gets the results back from the lab, he's devastated. His dreams of being a farmer are crushed. Nothing would ever grow in this soil. Finally, it seems as if his mother and Lisa will finally get there wish.

Later, after Oliver discovers his mother's trick, he is surprised by Lisa, who shows Oliver that his fields have all grown a bounty of crops, and that he is a great farmer after all. Oliver instantly realizes that Lisa planted fully grown crops to make him think his soil was healthy (Obviously, since carrots had grown where Oliver had just planted tomato seeds the day before).

Oliver is touched, since this proves that Lisa loves him more than she dislikes the farm.

Oliver is furious at his mother though, and as punishment for her trick, he makes her go out with Joe Carson on five dates.

While "finger planting" Oliver finds his soil loaded with bottles.

Joe Carson spruces up for a date with wealthy Eunice Douglas

Oliver and Lisa discover a bottled carrot!

Mr. Kimball works for the State University Department of Agriculture.

Joe Carson takes Mrs. Douglas (Oliver's mom) to play poker at the Elk's Club, bowling, and then to the diner for a dutch treat meal.

According to the lab's report, Oliver's soil was made up of 38% bath powder, 28% hand lotion, 14% toothpaste, 12 1/2% cold cream, and 8% nail polish remover.
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